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コペンハーゲン・ビジネススクール(Copenhagen Business School) による Identifying Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



This Course will clarify the definition and meaning of Social Entrepreneurship and will focus on the need to learn about the source and root of a social problem. You will be introduced to different perspectives about Social Entrepreneurship and you will learn about complementary and opportunistic assets which will help you to detect an opportunity and develop an idea of how to create a business for social change. From a practical perspective you will be asked to initiate a team formation process and start to think about a problem topic that you want to address with your social venture in the future. You will work in a team to research this topic and will gradually start to think about a particular opportunity and identify a purpose for your social venture project....




It is a beautiful course best and precise material collected from experts. One of the best course for enthusiasts who are new and want to work in the area of Social Entrepreneurship



As a business management student with a strong interest in this matter, I found the course really useful for those who are rather begginers in this subject.


Identifying Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities: 76 - 84 / 84 レビュー

by Damun M


Wish that there would be more insight in social entrepreneurial opportunities

Difficult to find a group and have a platform for discussion. The discussion forum does not work as intended. There is too much noise.

They course instructors should provide more information to begin with that it is essential to watch the videos and read the course material almost before the new week starts because of the fact that groups needs to be created and discussions and research with teammates have to be coordinated. It all seems rushed and not rewarding.

I do not think that my outcome of this course has been significant because of the structure of the course and I regret that I have paid for all 3 courses.

by Jonathan M


This course started out with an ambitious goal for a MOOC in forming groups to work collaboratively on a social enterprise project. I found the level of interaction in the group forming forum underwhelming and immediately lost interest due to concerns that the level of interaction would only continue to diminish as the course went on. I still made an attempt to watch the course content, but found the instructor speaking more about what he planned to cover rather than actually covering anything of substance. Two stars for quality video production. Aside from that, I was unable to find much value.

by Thaumaturge I


Not sure that this course is right for me. Its a great concept but I don't think that the number of people doing this course at any one time is sufficient for it to be completed as the authors intended. For example, the Bable stuff just did not work and I could not see much recent evidence of any team working. Despite my misgivings, there's a lot of good stuff in the body of the course.

by Alexandra A


I wont complete it. It seems nobody is available to review assignments and discuss. Good attempt but it wasn't for me. However I was inspired by some of the video content and it wasn't wasted time. Just the assignments etc I won't do as there is no sense for me to do so.

by Yiyue J


URGENT: I have a problem to get a cetificate. I finished all my course but it shows I need to finish another 1 peer-reviewed assignment. Strangely, when I click and want to do peer-review, it shows no assignment available is to be reviewed. Could you help me, please? my email adress is :

by Zhou S


Didn't receive much feedback from course mates and most of the videos were European examples that i felt were applicable in my context

by Himanshu K


Teaching staff is not supportive to students problem and discussion forum isn't answered well

by Rashmitha


I'm not able to receive my certificate

by Thirekha M


Iam not able to unenroll this course.