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By the end of this course, learners will have acquired a broad understanding of the history and mechanics behind converting light into electricity, commonly known as photovoltaics (PV). They are empowered to recognize and describe elements of a PV system, enabling them to: compare the most common types of solar cells, sketch a solar PV system, and analyze differences between rooftop and ground mounting configurations. The course explores economic considerations, touching on solar PV costs for residential and commercial use, incentives, and contrasts solar power with fossil fuel and nuclear plants. This course is ideal for anyone interested in entering the solar power sector, whether fresh to the workforce or switching industries. The curriculum is especially useful for engineers, HVAC installers, architects, and building code inspectors. Material includes online lectures, videos, demos, project work, readings and discussions. This is the first course in the Solar PV for Engineers, Architects and Code Inspectors specialization. To learn more about the specialization, check out a video overview at




The last quiz was too difficult. it took my time more than 1 hour . I have totally got swept .It's awesome course not only by learning materials but also difficulties. Salute the course writer.



I would like to give lots of thanks to the instructor as she explains everything clearly in details. Really, I get such superb knowledge which I cannot get from online books or posts. Thanks!!!


Solar Energy Systems Overview: 26 - 50 / 162 レビュー

by Chidchon S


I​ like the way how she taught. It was really overview of Solar energy system by professional.

Thanks for knowledge

by Daniel D B


Excellent course. To the point. Enjoyed presenter experience.

Course can benefit from more real installations videos

by Cristian D B R


It gives a general notion about what solar system is. Really useful to begin in the knowledge of this technology.

by Juan E C N


Was a good way to understand what new kind of PV Solar Systems are now aviable for houseowners and enterprises.

by Ali A


I loved this course with not only theoretical but also practical content offered by an experienced instructor.

by Hammad A


It was very good content but the pace and tone of speaking was quite fast. The score of learning is 100/100.

by RIshit P


The course is prectly balanced for the student to get the perfect overview of solar system and industry.

by Iaron D B T O


Very descriptive course, builds a strong foundation if you are going to get deeper into solar systems.

by Ben S


This course instructor was great. explained everything very well. Thanks and on to your next class!!

by Kristina L


Great professor and the information was really easy to follow as a engineer with a civil background!



She is explaining things in a very easy and understandable way, so you will not go wrong with it.

by Bruno J E H S


Really good introduction to the solar energy world, already thinking in applying it on my house.

by Regaib F K


An introduction to

Solar cells,Grid systems,Economics of solar panels and many information.

by Rusiru R


The course is really nice and concise by providing good knowledge of the PV solar panels.

by Altaf H


I learned alot in this course and it will help me alot in my career.

Thankyou Coursera

by Avima H


I interest about the material. It's so interesting and can be applied in real life.

by Mr. P


This is an amazing course for beginners, who wants to deep dive into photovoltaics.

by Jerllinne S H A


the class are so good , and also the pdf and web pages have good information.

by Taniya M


The course provides you with all the basics needed to understand PV systems.

by Jonnathan L


Excellent course with concepts and practices related to photovoltaic systems

by Hervin H C Q


Excelente curso introductorio sienta las bases para un diseño mas profundo.

by Okorie C J


The course was well structured, articulated and professionally delivered

by Dipanwita B


For begging of solar system.,it is very important and gather information

by Jehoshua D


Nice introductory course on solar energy! Easy to follow and complete.

by Pushkar S


it is a really a good subject to learn and to add in our daily life.