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Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences - Unit 1: Historical Foundations, ラトガース大学(Rutgers the State University of New Jersey)



Throughout history, the vast majority of people around the globe have believed they have, however defined, a “soul.” While the question of whether the soul exists cannot be answered by science, what we can study are the causes and consequences of various beliefs about the soul and its prospects of surviving the death of the body. Why are soul and afterlife beliefs so common in human history? Are there adaptive advantages to assuming souls exist? Are there brain structures that have been shaped by environmental pressures that provide the foundation of body/mind dualism that is such a prominent feature of many religions? How do these beliefs shape the worldviews of different cultures and our collective lives? What is the role of competing afterlife beliefs in religion, science, politics, and war? This course explores several facets of this relatively unexplored but profoundly important aspect of human thought and behavior. The course consists mainly of 70 to 80 minute lectures, typically broken up into 3 segments, recorded from a course offered by Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences. These videos include slides and some embedded video clips. Most lectures are accompanied by slides used during the lecture, also including recommended reading assignment which may provide additional opportunities to reflect on your studies. Due to the lengthiness of this class and natural progression, the online course has been separated into 3 units, this is Unit 1....


by MS

Sep 22, 2017

Brilliant course, brilliant lecturers, brilliant topic, extremely well thought-out approach to such a mind-blowing topic. I highly recommend it to anyone with even the vaguest interest in the topic.

by AM

Aug 22, 2015

I just started with this course and I am loving it! This not only offers a very fresh perspective on beliefs about souls and an afterlife but is also extremely relatable on a personal level.



by Atul Burnwal

Apr 30, 2019

Great course. Complete all three parts to have a grip over genesis and utility of religion.

by Catherine Hess

Mar 05, 2019

The premise of this class is so interesting! However, if you're not willing to scroll through, or listen to, a TON of VERY long anecdotes while looking for actual information....then this is not the class for you. I felt extremely frustrated because I really wanted to learn from this class, but it's just not organized well at all. Some of the lectures contained the EXACT same thing that we just went over in the previous week. Also...I saw there were 3 parts to this class, which is absolutely ridiculous because they could definitely condense them into one class if you took out the hours of filler....

by Guruswamy Srikanth

Feb 02, 2019

Could be more crisp. As it is undergraduate course in the university, a bit of extended (out of core point) lectures are given.

I enjoyed and learnt many new things and ideas!!

Big Thanks!!


Jan 12, 2019


by Emil

Aug 16, 2018

Done it

by Eugenio De Pavia

Jun 06, 2018

Excellent, very didactic, teachers are very experienced, i enjoyed it very much. Highly recommended

by Finch McKee

Apr 16, 2018

An excellent course, covering an often neglected topic.

by Leticia Maya

Mar 05, 2018

Amazing course

by Parthsarthi Deb

Jan 31, 2018

Extraordinary course on Soul Belief, covering physical to metaphysical view from brain to mind and beyond. It was so interesting that I could not stop going through it and finished all course material in few days. Thanks a million for having this course.

by Dawnene Harper

Jan 25, 2018

This course was amazing. I loved the classroom teachings with both professors. This is the sort of course that makes your shake out the dust of your brain and really stop and consider WHY you believe what you believe and then decide for yourself IF you still believe in the same manners whenever you complete the course. I am not easily swayed and this course completely made me do a 360 and rethink my "Soul" beliefs. Bravo!