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Today, there is demand for people skilled in Sports Marketing. Organizations want your expertise to strength and grow customer bases and teams want to enlarge their fan base, attract new sponsors to their sport, build strong programs with existing sponsors, and run their fan conventions and other events. In addition, a wide range of companies recognize the value sports relationships have in positioning and building their brands. In this Sports Marketing MOOC, you will learn: — Ticket pricing strategies — How a crisis might happen in sport — How all types of companies are using sports to enhance and position their brands — How to promote and market a sporting event — How to develop sponsorships — How to use social media to grow your team’s follower base and promote your sporting events, conferences and conventions The Sports Marketing MOOC was created by Professor Candy Lee of Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communications. She is joined by experts in the many specialty topics important to Sports Marketing....




I really enjoyed this course, it was very informative and easy to follow. The videos were clear and the graded sections were great. The course as a whole was enjoyable and would recommend to others.



I am really into this lesson that is a practical subject that could be easily learned. and also, Assignments are a nice way to apply the knowledge from the course, I hope it has an advanced lesson.


スポーツマーケティング: 251 - 275 / 333 レビュー

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Muy bueno

by Luis E V A



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very good

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This was a great introductory course to Sports Marketing and I would recommend it to anyone interested in Sports or in Marketing to take it. I found that it was little too easy and they could have made it more challenging. The lectures and the lecturers kep us engaged so you wanted to learn more but the assignments before the loyalty program were easy. What was challenging was creating the loyalty program but if you stuck to it you could formulate a loyalty program for a sports team. Overall I would recommend this course to anyone interested in Sports Marketing.

by raghav n


A very well planned short course on the interesting and evolving subject. Whoever wants to learn and enhance their skills in the area of sports marketing should definitely do this course as it will clearly develop your learning. Good practical assessments which make you understand the real world work that one might carry out in their respective job.

Personally, this allowed me to reskill my knowledge in my favourite subject area and also upskill in few departments which were new to me. Well done Northwestern University and Coursera for this great learning.

by Reza A B S


I found many elements of this course to be really interested. It serves as an excellent introduction to the world of sports marketing. If there is something I could suggest for improvement, it would be to make the practice quizzes a little more challenging. I also would have liked to try some different design elements for the assignments rather than just plain text. Overall, it was an excellent course that was filled with interesting information and great guest speakers. Highly recommended!

by Asare O


Sports Marketing was a thoroughly enjoyable course. Right from the onset, the outline was engaging and very informative. Prof. Candy's Lee's approach of employing industry professionals and her own colleagues at the Northwestern is highly commendable. I liked the peer reviewed assignments on the Fan Loyalty program. I think a whole consultancy can be made out of just consulting organisations on how to develop effective loyalty programs. Thank you Northwestern and Prof. Lee



Really enjoyed the outline of this course. I appreciated having the lectures transcribed beneath the video so I could follow along and take notes as the professor was talking. I felt that the assignments challenged me to think and be creative. I also liked the peer review portion, so that I could see other ideas students came up with. The only thing I would say is that I wish experts in this field could also mark my assignments. Overall, an enjoyable and organized course.

by Naman A


Amazing course for any beginner looking to get in Sports Marketing. Interviews could have been better. Sports being such a vast topic could have covered more global sports consisting of different countries on different continents. Everything was focused on Sports played in United States and not being from United states or not wanting to settle there I feel other aspects could also be covered

by Munyaradzi B G


The course was quite elaborate on the fundamentals of Sports Marketing. I absolutely benefitted from the practicality side of it where there were guests from the real world. The supplementary reading material is very helpful. The course needs to be updated a bit in terms of sports marketing during and post the COVID-19 era. Otherwise, great job Professor Candy.

Munyaradzi B Gwanzura


by Bethany F


This was a good and insightful course, especially as it gave me information about general Marketing strategies and then went in depth about how they applied to Sports.

The submissions were creative and fun.

The range of examples given was interesting.

The most interesting piece was the bonus clip around Global Sport and its political nature.

Each week had a good, manageable amount of work.

by hugues r


Interesting course to follow, very easy to keep up with the work and assignments. The 2 assignments were good examples introducing specific tasks of sports marketing. The course could have gone more in depth, I found the earlier chapters to be very broad. The last few chapters on the other hand are great. The instructor brings in guest speakers that give an extra value to the course.

by Renaud V


I​t's not always well structured. Some parts are really interesting but there is a lot of videos (interviews or interventions) that are long and not really useful. The suggested readings are good, it's essential to complete the course but now the suggested readings are sometimes a little bit old.

Whatever, I was glad to follow this Mooc, I learned a lot.