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In this course students will learn the why the Spring Framework is one of the dominant Java development Frameworks. the course covers a variety of techniques for Java Object Dependency Injection using various forms of configuration data i.e. XML, Annotations and Java Configuration Classes with Factory Methods. Configurations will be enhanced with Expression Languages and Conditional Beans that are available based off certain conditions like development environment i.e. test and production. Students will build an extensive application iteratively in a succession of hands on labs....

Spring - Ecosystem and Core: 1 - 9 / 9 レビュー

by Tomas P


T​he course was sometimes frustrating. I didn't take notes of all the annoyances, but some of those that I remember are:

-​ Lab solution videos had very poor resolution, in half of them the instructor has the Lab window open in only small portion of his screen which made it impossible to see what he was doing.

-​ The materials were poorly prepared and sometimes confusing. Slides were full of typos and there was even wrong code once or twice. The instructions were not very clear for some Lab exercises. It felt like the course was prepared in a hurry and nobody had reviewed it before publishing.

-​ Eclipse IDE had to be set up from scratch on each launch even though the instructions claim otherwise. Even worse, Eclipse often refused to run my code because it could not resolve imports. When I cut all the code and pasted it back (without changing anything), it magically worked.

-​ One question in the final quiz was wrongly evaluated, so my correct answer was labelled incorrect.

-​ One quiz included a question that had not been covered by the course until the following week.

-​ Overall I felt like the explanation wasn't always very clear. In each video I had to pause multiple times and google the subject myself to understand what the instructor actually wanted to say. So in the end, I managed to learn what I hoped to learn, but that was mostly thanks to external (and free) websites.

T​o end on a positive note, I stil found the course useful. It gives a good guidance on what to learn when you want to familiarise yourself with Spring. The deadlines motivated me to actually take the learning seriously without procrastinating. By the end of the course I figured out that it's better to do the reading parts first, then the activities, and then the videos and lab exercises. I think the videos make more sense when you do the reading first, at least if you are completely new to Spring.

by Siwa S


Never enroll this course.

- The instructor only read material for you.

- Very hard to understand what is going on by only listening the instructor.

- Materials are very poor, For example the 2nd week Lab walkthrough; You cannot read anything on the screen.

I decide to quit this course in 2nd week.

by Reuben D R


The course is unfortunately riddled with typos and illegible screen grabs. There is little sign that it was assembled with any care whatsoever.

by osema t


V​ideos are hard to follow with, presentations with tons of words are hard to grasp and take the important things out of it.

by Ankit p


I liked this course not only because of good content but also they represented those content absolutely for beginners. Thanks coursera for helping to understand spring framework.

by Потапов Б


The course is very cool but some time video is not enough quality. If the video will 1080p it will be great. Thanks for course! Good job.



Estaría bien al menos los subtítulos en español

by Konstantin


Poor video quality. You must be an oracle to understand what should be done in the second week's lab. No explanations: the guy (sorry, it is an insult to all teachers if I say he is a teacher) just reading slides with basic things and sends you out to Baeldung or official documentation. Some questions from the final test are silly and won't test your knowledge about Spring Core. The course in general doesn't give you enough knowledge about Spring Core, it's more like a short review with poor quality. I genuinely saw a 25-minute video on YouTube that gave me more knowledge about Spring Core. Don't waste your time on this like I did.

by Manuel M S


P​erhaps if you already know something about Spring Framework then you can follow teacher's speech. If you use a 4K display, and zoom it, you may follow the code.

T​he labs are awfull. Teacher's explanations are... too few, to say it softly.

M​ove to another course.