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This is a course aimed at students wishing to develop Java based Web Applications and Restful Micro Services using the very popular Spring MVC and Spring Boot frameworks with minimal configuration. The student will develop services through various Url templates, consume and respond with json or XML payloads and create custom HTTP headers. Requestors of these services will include Java and Angular JS clients to illustrate the reuse capabilities of services in a distributed architecture. Traditional web applications will also be covered that render web pages in a typical Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. This is a very hands on course with a series of labs to illustrate the key concepts....

Spring MVC, Spring Boot and Rest Controllers: 1 - 12 / 12 レビュー

by Reuben D R


As with the first course, this one is riddles with typos and shows no sign of being put together with care. The screenshots are a bit more legible, but the content is as uninspired as before.

by Mohammed A M A


the course is great in content

by Ragulkumar R


Best Course

by Matthew M


Labs need reworked, but the material covered in the videos was very helpful to how SpringBoot and MVC works

by Shikha G


Great course with proper explanation and hands-on

by Nabil N


this coursse is better than Spring EcoSystem

by reda e k


c'est une course trés rapide et pratique !

by kuntal c


Informative and Good content.

by Hussein I


the material is quite clear

by Tomas P


S​lightly less error-laden than the first course but still looks like it was put together in a hurry with no one actually reviewing it. Nevertheless, it was an interesting topic.

by Alparslan Y


I have never seen a course designed as bad as this one. I mean, seriously. There is no apparent structure, the explanations are just really hard to follow, it's all reading from the slides, the slides are aweful, often with a bad resolution. It's all you get warned in university not to do in presentations. I don't want to question to expertise of the lecturer, but lecturing is not his forte. So: Spare yourself the time. I'm convinced Coursera has many wonderful courses out there. This isn't one of them unfortunately.

by Anike A V


There are no hands on exercises, I have progressed over 42% into the course yet I have learnt nothing