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As data collection has increased exponentially, so has the need for people skilled at using and interacting with data; to be able to think critically, and provide insights to make better decisions and optimize their businesses. This is a data scientist, “part mathematician, part computer scientist, and part trend spotter” (SAS Institute, Inc.). According to Glassdoor, being a data scientist is the best job in America; with a median base salary of $110,000 and thousands of job openings at a time. The skills necessary to be a good data scientist include being able to retrieve and work with data, and to do that you need to be well versed in SQL, the standard language for communicating with database systems. This course is designed to give you a primer in the fundamentals of SQL and working with data so that you can begin analyzing it for data science purposes. You will begin to ask the right questions and come up with good answers to deliver valuable insights for your organization. This course starts with the basics and assumes you do not have any knowledge or skills in SQL. It will build on that foundation and gradually have you write both simple and complex queries to help you select data from tables. You'll start to work with different types of data like strings and numbers and discuss methods to filter and pare down your results. You will create new tables and be able to move data into them. You will learn common operators and how to combine the data. You will use case statements and concepts like data governance and profiling. You will discuss topics on data, and practice using real-world programming assignments. You will interpret the structure, meaning, and relationships in source data and use SQL as a professional to shape your data for targeted analysis purposes. Although we do not have any specific prerequisites or software requirements to take this course, a simple text editor is recommended for the final project. So what are you waiting for? This is your first step in landing a job in the best occupation in the US and soon the world!...



Jul 17, 2019

This course is designed with beginners in mind, and it is an excellent introduction to SQL. I intend to further my knowledge of SQL after taking this course. The instructor did a terrific job.


Jun 08, 2019

Great introductory to the SQL programming. This will definitely not only add another programming skill but also give me more capabilities programming in SAS. I would recommend this to anyone.


SQL for Data Science: 676 - 700 / 700 レビュー

by Eva P

Mar 26, 2018

Good course to learn the basics but not worth the price you pay. Until week 3, everything is fine, but week 4 is a disaster. The final assignment is very confusing and sometimes it is hard to know what you are being asked. Not recommended.

by Julia

Feb 11, 2018

Although the structure of the course is well organised the assignments and videos contain lots of mistakes. I had to spent a lot of time by searching in the internet what is wrong in my code to realise that the instructor code was wrong as well and should not work (although they provide the results as it works just fine). Moreover, some questions are written not clearly and the explanations in the videos lack advanced examples while talking a lot about unnecessary things.

by Katarzyna D

Jun 15, 2018

Course is very theoretical, the teachers just reads presentation with SQL functions, there's no way to actually learn SQL by listening to it. Also she doesn't provide information about essentials of databases, so the beginners may not understand the concept of it.

by Gregory B

May 14, 2019

If I hadn't already been a little familiar with SQL before this I would have been pretty lost for a lot of this. A lot of the information presented could have used a little more details.

The quizzes often asked questions that involved material that wasn't in the course, as did the coding parts.

At the end of the day, I have had better experiences with some of the free courses available online (and learned more from them).

by Carolina E

Jun 24, 2019

The teacher was not readily available to answer questions. The course was alright but I do not feel prepared to use my skills yet.

by Jennifer S

Jul 17, 2019

These lectures seem incomplete. For several sections, I had to Google more information to understand the lecture topic.

This course is listed as a beginner level course with no prerequisite, but throughout the lessons I felt like I was missing some key basic information. The course recommendation is 20 hours, 3-5 hours a week. The first week fell into that parameter, but after that the hours required increased each week, with the last week being about twelve hours including the final project.

Ideally, this course considers adding in more complete explanations for the examples in the lectures (including outputs), more practice coding, and more depth on exploring data and making inferences from your queries.

by William S

Jul 29, 2019

The presentation and speaker

by Charles M

Sep 16, 2019

There are 3 major issues with this course: 1. the instructor appears to be reading from a teleprompter and constantly struggles with her text, making the lectures both distracting and soporific. The cheerleading ('Are you excited about joins yet?') doesn't do anything to change that. 2. Some portions of the final assignments are poorly worded and the mentors aren't active. 3. There is a huge backlog for assignment grading which is frustrating and causes the discussion threads to be polluted by students asking for others to grade their assignment.

by Darren R

Sep 27, 2019

The structure and guidance provided on the final assignment was very poor, resulting in far more time required to complete than expected.

by Shira G

Oct 22, 2019

Few suggestions for improvement:

1. provide a worksheet that summarizes all the material in a simple manner. It exists in many other sites so it shouldn't be a problem to provide this

2. In the quizzes and assignments - it would help to give a hand when the student does not understand the question or makes mistakes. to say "correct" or 'incorrect" is not enough.

3. the final exam is in no way align with the level of the classes.

and the worse thing is that in the forum it seems that a lot of students have complained but nothing has changed... therefore I would not recommend this course.

by Svetlana G

Oct 08, 2019

Good overview of SQL principals but very little practical information.

Tasks don't show correct solution so if you don't know how to solve it - you will never learn it.

Very poor support from admins/moderators. Even questions related to technical issues will stay unanswered. So again - if you didn't understand something from videos or have question outside of the scope - you will not learn it from this course.

by Yan Z

Mar 20, 2019

The final project sucks.

by Jeroen v S

Aug 14, 2018

Many mistakes in the exercises. Content is so-so, at times it's too easy and at other times it skips over important subjects very quickly. Final assignment very unclear and the data set used is incomplete.

by Isha G

Feb 09, 2018

It is a drag. A simple thing is repeated over and over instead of providing hands-on practice.

by Fabian B

Feb 17, 2018

The course does go through the relevant topics. But the assignments and moderator attention (and quality of responses) are well below standards compared to other coursera courses. I would not recommend paying for this course, but rather just audit it. This way you will still get the material, but you won't have to go through the really bad and frustrating assignments (unclear/ambiguous/wrong wording).

by Dilshard H

Apr 03, 2018

Class work should be similar to the Final Assignment to cultivate thinking. Also, Solutions should be provided so that we can learn from mistakes. Coding for week4 has errors, this should be tested and fixed.


Jan 15, 2018

poorly worded questions in the assignment.

by Eric E

Mar 31, 2018

The final assignment is so horrendously worded and set up that much if it is unanswerable. Completely ridiculous. Avoid this course.

by Michał P

Jan 21, 2018

Horribly designed questions in the final assignment. What a mess!

by Nicolas S V

Mar 04, 2018

Interesting course, it made me remember some things I learnt in college. Final assignment is too bad, simple queries for getting the info we are being asked to look, repetitive code to be implemented, a lot of ambiguity in the description of some points. I would call this course "SQL for newbies", or "First approach to SQL".

by Islam M K

Jun 24, 2019

i don't recommend to take or purchase this course as it have some wrong information which force you to answer the quiz wrong to pass it. also the instructor sound to be not professional in teaching SQL.

by Aslan A

Jul 30, 2019

It does not worth it. The tutor does not have any teaching skills and she is reading the text from the script all the time. In addition, the course is not practical! I would not recommend it

by Carmen H

Sep 11, 2019

It is extremely boring and a complete waste of time. Several videos pass without showing anything about programming or SQL related.

by Juan J S

Sep 22, 2019

Not enough in-course practice and they do not teach you how to install/use SQLite in your computer. I guess this course allows you to speak thoroughly about SQL more than it teaches how to use in real-world scenarios. Needs to improve.

by Noel C

Sep 30, 2019

The first two weeks were easy to follow along with. Unfortunately after that the course was severely lacking. There were not good explanations of things and new things would be added in that hadn’t been covered. When you post questions the mentors aren’t much help and the students will try to answer if they can. There’s also no way to practice. I also would’ve found it nice to see the tables they were pulling their “examples” from. I had to use other resources to actually study and learn SQLite. I’m assuming the people who gave this course a high score are already familiar with SQLite and just wanted the certificate.