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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the current economy, Americans shift jobs every 4-5 years, which translates into 8-10 job transitions, including several career changes, over one’s life time. With competition for jobs on the rise, a person’s continuing employability and career success are increasingly defined by his or her mastery of individual career development and the ability to effectively "manage oneself" (P. Drucker). In this course, you will learn how to think strategically and professionally about your career self-management. Through this course you'll develop an objective, external view of your marketable skills as a solid foundation for building a strong career brand. In particular, you'll be able to: - explain why developing a protean and boundaryless career perspective based on transferable (portable) skills is advantageous for continuing employability and career growth; - design your portable skills portfolio, identify and examine critically important competencies underpinning your transferable skills, and analyze your career self-management competency gaps; - increase self-awareness, pinpoint your career goals, and envision your future work self; - recognize the central role of self-management for developing transferable, marketable, skills and create a customized self-management information system (Career Development Lab) for ongoing personal development and professional growth; - conduct a thorough, competency-based job analysis in your area of interest and examine practices of evidence-based, data-driven competitive employee selection; -implement your newly developed skills for crafting effective selection criteria statements and refining your job applications....



Jan 04, 2019

This course had a profound impact on my personal and professional development. It was instrumental in helping me make important career choices and increasing my confidence in moving forward.


Oct 05, 2017

If your looking to revitalize or advance your career, this course will help you become a self- directed learner and seek out opportunities to enhance your portfolio.


Strategic Career Self-Management: 26 - 46 / 46 レビュー

by María d C O R

Jun 22, 2017

Muy buen curso, muchas gracias.

by Ricardo M S

Oct 20, 2016

excellent course!

by Victor M R L

Oct 25, 2019

Amazing course!

by Yuduan L

Feb 14, 2016


by andy t

Oct 09, 2016


by stella o

Feb 11, 2016



Oct 01, 2018


by Edson d O V

Sep 28, 2017


by Mary S A

Jan 21, 2019

The course was helpful in terms of giving the basics of career self-management. Attending the course, I have learned about: self-management information system, portable skills portfolio, competency analysis, personality and career tests, the importance of my values as a driving force in my career, learning/thinking/behavioral styles, personal mission, self-observation, self-directed learning, career goals, job analysis, selection dash-board...

by Patrick M

Apr 13, 2016

An absolutely great course that transformed my career development efforts from uncertain and uninformed to focused and well thought-out. The topic lectures were relevant and practical and CDLs were challenging yet inspired deep introspection and evaluation which assisted to internalize the concepts and convert them into actionable tasks. Many thanks to Amy and Drs. Forte, Valeri, Rutigliano and Beckem.


Jan 27, 2019

My peer review deadline is today and I am worried about not passing it. Hope this system is improved. I finished it a week ago and nobody is responding to my peer view.

by Adriana A R

Jan 10, 2019

Great information, and up to date. Things in career management are changing quite rapidly and while we are immersed in our daily activities we probably don't even notice it.

This was an important reminder that each individual is responsible for their career path, is up to each person how to build it.

by Carolyn S

Jun 22, 2016

Lots of value in the course. If the tutors didn't read from their notes, but instead would speak freely into the camera, it would be even more engaging and personal.

by Christopher G

Jul 27, 2018

Highly recommended course for anyone to find career-fit, through self management and self-assessment.

by Harun Y B

Aug 01, 2018

It's was very good skills but I didn't know how to get certificate.

by Pore J

Jun 08, 2016

This is one of the very useful course.

by Andrea

Feb 21, 2016

Good general guidance, Richard Sellers was the most useful. Interesting how even established in a career can be considered a "generalist".

by Ana C

Mar 11, 2016

Visuals were not great. Content was a bit irrelevant

by Pooya S

Sep 13, 2016

Very shallow

by Anuli R O (

Feb 04, 2020

I have trouble finishing this course because the graded assignments are not graded on time and the grades given most times are too poor if you know that you deserve a pass.

Please look into my grades and assess me properly to enable me to pass and start another course in career branding

by Tiffany G

Aug 28, 2016

This course was uninspiring