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イリノイ大学アーバナ・シャンペーン校(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) による Strategic Innovation: Building and Sustaining Innovative Organizations の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



Innovation strategy is about creating unique value for consumers by delivering a great product that satisfies their needs. At the core of a successful innovation strategy is a great product concept. Product is an all-encompassing term that includes physical goods, intangible services, and even ideas. There are three pillars to a successful product strategy: a clear understanding of (a) the target customers (WHO), (b) the specific elements of the product offering (WHAT) that satisfies consumer needs and dovetails with company capabilities, and (c) the tactical plans to reach end consumers (HOW). The value proposition has to be embedded in a coherent business model in order to create and capture value. But well-laid innovation plans can go awry without a consideration of the business ecosystem that includes competitors and collaborators, including suppliers, distributors, and retailers, or the contextual environment in which the company operates. In an interdependent world, fostering an integrated ecosystem is critically important for companies interested in maximizing the odds of innovation success. You will be able to: - Understand key ideas about innovation and product strategy - Strategize for value capture in a business model - Critically examine the roles of various players in a business ecosystem This course is part of Gies College of Business’ suite of online programs, including the iMBA and iMSM. Learn more about admission into these programs and explore how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into a degree program at




An excellent course.\n\nI am trying to complete it as soon as possible since I am busy with my work and MBA study. Then I have a plan to start with another course on my list.\n\nThanks to all the team



I very much enjoyed completing my first course in coursera! It was very convenient with my schedule and I will be continuing these courses until I receive full completion in this particular course.


Strategic Innovation: Building and Sustaining Innovative Organizations: 26 - 50 / 232 レビュー

by Joel I


I'd really have valued recommendations for some (optional) textbooks to go along with this course--I find learning via video to be fairly inefficient for retention, and would love to have texts to augment. I do appreciate the inclusion of full transcripts with slides, but "made for print" content still differs substantially from "made for video" content, and I often wished for the former while going through this course.

by Oziel C


I would like to have more readings available in order to reinforce the learning.

by YAN B


This course is fairly good, while a little difficult for beginners to learn.

by Akshit K J


As someone with no commercial or entrepreneurial background, I can assure you that this is the course that will propel you to new ideas and creative ways of thinking. The language is really simple, the quizzes are short and easy and the summary at the end of each module is very helpful. You also get to interact with other learners at the same time and gain an insight into their knowledge from the course.

by Camilo A C P


Buen día,

Excelente curso, con temas muy relevantes que nos sumerge en el conocimiento de cómo innovar y que pintos son críticos y que debemos traer a colisión para lograr exitosas innovaciones en nuestra organización.

Buen material y con casos prácticos y reales que nos permite detallar a fondo estos temas.

Muchas gracias a todos las personas que lo hicieron posible.

by Sudhir K


Very helpful learning program for improve of basic knowledge. when we are working then it seems that what we are doing is the best. Especially when you have been working for 8-10 years. But when such a learning platform is available, it seems that a lot needs to be changed now.

by Dr. R R K


its a fantastic course which comprises of lively example.Special thanks to prof, Raj for explaining the concept in a comprehensive and interesting way.This course is industry ready course which would help me to service my client in a significant way.

by Paolo C


Excelente programa. Me gustó los resúmenes al final de cada módulo. Como recomendación, sugiero incluir una infografía por curso o módulo con los términos y gráficos principales para recordarlos fácilmente y tenerlo a la mano.

by Kartik R


enjoyed the course. the curriculum and pace was great with practical real life examples. There was enough thought provoking questions which let you take back the learnings into the real life challenges we currently face.

by Joakim W


Dense, but very useful. Could be a somewhat steep learning curve for some, with several concepts covered. Practical, I have already used several parts in my daily work, that has impact on how we work with innovation.

by Jose M B P


Excellent Course. Well prepared, well spoken, well presented, with a wide variety of teaching resources, with good reading and video references. Very much positive impact on my learning curve through Innovation.

by Демидова Е


Great course! Interesting, useful material which I will use in my work, a lot of practical examples, creative writing tasks. A special mention is worthy of a beautiful and unusual presentation of the material.



Excellent content and incredible clarity to expose topics that are regularly shown as complex and difficult to address.

It is being of great contribution in the changes that I want to promote in my organization.

by A V B


This is a great course. I didn't have in any expectations. But learned a lot in the last one month about the strategic innovation. A recommended one to all who needs to be know about strategic innovation.

by Stakshi G


This is an excellent course that is supported by good case studies and practical examples. Duration is right for professionals and content ensures that you get concepts and also retain them.

by Ankur C


Very good course in understanding the concepts of Innovation, adaption Life Cycle, Building Winning Product and designing of Innovative Business Models. Mr. Raj is an excellent Teacher.

by Tingting W


Very recommend! The effective combination of theory and case. I have listened to many similar courses before. This is the most in-depth and sequential editing, which is very good

by Michael I


Very insightful. Professors challenge you took look deeper and gain a true understanding of strategic innovation. I can't recommend this specialization/these courses enough.



My Learning grew my reason into creativity. I can properly frame my mind, see business in new ways and take up product development responsibilities now

by Abu B T


this course is a great course and what makes it more great is the professors that are lecturing this course. thanks to my professors for this course

by Mohamed r


Good course, learned a lot through this course , would surely recommend this course for those who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.

by Alain A H


Great and interesting course that I am very satisfied with. Well structured and clear content with rich examples given by professional instructors.

by Hermano C L F


Um curso muito bem estruturado, com ótimos professores, bem legendado, claro e dinâmico. Vale a pena se inscrever se você se interessa pela área.

by Dr L H


Very interesting course, can apply all the concepts in this course to get a clear insight about functioning of a brand or a product/service..

by Hans B


Excellent course through which I learned a lot! Many thanks, and I really liked the way in which the contents were presented and explained.