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This course introduces the academic approach of Sustainability and explores how today’s human societies can endure in the face of global change, ecosystem degradation and resource limitations. The course focuses on key knowledge areas of sustainability theory and practice, including population, ecosystems, global change, energy, agriculture, water, environmental economics and policy, ethics, and cultural history. This subject is of vital importance, seeking as it does to uncover the principles of the long-term welfare of all the peoples of the planet. As sustainability is a cross-disciplinary field of study, this foundation requires intellectual breadth: as I describe it in the class text, understanding our motivations requires the humanities, measuring the challenges of sustainability requires knowledge of the sciences (both natural and social), and building solutions requires technical insight into systems (such as provided by engineering, planning, and management)....



It is a well prepared course. Contents are carefully organized and plenty of concepts and examples are included and analyzed. Overall, it is a excellent course to get an overview of sustainability.


This was my first Coursera course, and I wasn't sure what to expect; but was very pleased with the organization, timescale things were run on, and overall neutrality of the course. Very well done!


Introduction to Sustainability: 226 - 250 / 686 レビュー

by Nicole V


Great course. I learned a lot and am feeling more confident as I enter into my Masters in Sustainable Management program.

by Yuki L


Very insightful and thorough course! Professor was knowledgable and clear in his teachings. Will recommend this course.

by Laura V A


I truly enjoyed this course. All the content is relevant and very well explained by the professor. Highly recommended.

by Nirod P R


This is really helpful and learnt a lot during the course. highly recommended If you are interested in sustainability.

by Leseho S


I have learned a lot from this course. It is very informative and have strengthened my understanding of sustainability

by Antonio B G


Congratulations, very interesting course about a very important matter, I have learned lots of new things, thank you.

by Johanna


Very well documented. Excellent presentations with updated info. Fantastic expositions! Estimulates Critical Thinking

by Guglielmo F


A very good overview of the topic! The contents cover Economic, Energy Policies, and much more. Highly recommended.

by Blandine A


Great intro to sustainability concepts. It is really helpful to better understand current trends beyond the surface.

by Vanessa M M


Amazing course! Jonathan Tomkin makes his lectures easy to understand and his lessons were easy to follow through.

by Eric C


Great course, very insightful, we truly get the feeling we are covering all the basic concepts.

Thank you very much

by Ankita C


This course has changed my perspective toward online study !!!

I hope more improvment will make true for everyone.

by Josué D V D


A great course to start understanding all topics that refer to our world, environment, and lives are involved in.

by Czarina F C


Course design is well thought out. Definitely a good foundation course if you want to learn about sustainability.

by Megan A C


It made me confident about sharing my knowledge about sustainability as it gave helpful concepts ang insights.

by Abdul R


I enjoyed this course for the best of my knowledge and this course had given me a clear insight on the subject

by Ana C R D O


The course is amazing! I've learned a lot, and ended up feeling inspired and confident I can help the world be

by Charles M


This course is so engaging, and very practical. You get a feeling that you are actually in a lecture theatre.

by Akshay R


It was pretty great, and somewhat easy....But, the concepts are really important to yourself and the world..!

by Juan J S


Believe me! This course totally worth. Thank you Jonathan Thomkin, University of Illinois and Coursera staff.

by Xavier F G A


Solid, comprehensive, and interesting course covering the basic concepts and sciences behind sustainability.

by Sanusi A


Very educational and enlightening. I recommend this course for anyone trying to venture into sustainability.

by Kaian L


I loved the course, I learn many things, the teachers are wonderful, and I glad coursera for this oportunity

by Linda S E A


Very complete course full of basic concepts that manage to explain clearly the current route of our planet.

by Shreeya G


It's really an amazing course! The concepts were explained in a very systematic manner. Highly recommended.