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Whether you have already taught English as a Second Language and want to start teaching it online, you've already been teaching ESL online and want to sharpen your skills, or you are new to teaching and interested in teaching ESL online, ASU and VOXY provide you with the basic ideas and concepts you need to know in order to successfully teach ESL online. This course uses a fun and interesting theme of "International Travel" to deliver content in an entertaining way. There are also plenty of real, recorded online session videos from VOXY in the course to show you examples of what it looks like to teach ESL online. In this course, you will learn about the best practices for teaching English as a Second Language online. This includes an introduction to online teaching, Second Language Acquisition theories and how they apply to ESL learners, conducting a needs analysis, curating content for your courses, designing lesson plans, and effective teaching strategies that will help you to become an successful online ESL teacher. The course consists of a variety of videos and readings, followed by quizzes. In the last module of the course, actual VOXY online ESL teachers share their experiences in the online classroom....




This course is an excellent choice for anyone interested in teaching ESL. Weekly Lessons/Modules are well-planned. Videos were informative and enjoyable. The instructor, Emilia, was wonderful!



Wonderful course! I felt great going through evidence based teaching methods and the pleasing demeanor of Emilia. The fictional video simulations were well choreographed. Overall, I loved it.


Teach English Now! Teaching Language Online: 151 - 175 / 182 レビュー

by Stanislav M C P


It is excellent actually. I'm giving it 4 stars because it does have tiny flaws, like prepositions where they're not supposed to be at all, or a bad sync with the closed captions. The videos are sometimes a little bit longer than the time indicated, but the readings are always significantly shorter than indicated, so no problem. Emilia is the best speaker on camera! My god, I hope I can do it like her. And the content of the course, which is the most important, flawless. Definitely helped me as a noob French teacher.

You can definitely take this course no matter the language you'll be teaching.

by Oscar E E S


Overall the course is fine and it accomplishes providing the content offered. Perhaps it is a little frustrating to see that much time dedicated to the somewhat didactic videos regarding the journey of Braedon and not so in the important information chunks correspondant to the reading activities. It is precisely in those activities where we need more information and the auxiliary of video format.

by Sufia S


An interesting and informative course but of a very basic level and there had been many mistakes of grammar in the statements of the questions like use of have with present form of the verb etc. besides this some of the questions had check all that apply but while selecting I could select only one as the system didn't allow multiple selections.

by Katsiaryna R


Really enjoyed the course. I find the structure of the course clear and engaging. Pieces from ESL real classes and the final interviews were helpful and engaging too. I learned some useful things which I started to incorporate to my classes. The course is easy to complete if you have some teaching background.

by Pedro M M


Very good course, I really feel it was totally worth it and now I feel confident to teach English online and face-to-face. 4/5 stars since the first tests need to be polished; there are too much ambiguous answers and some mistakes, but that's just a technical issue, the content of the course is amazing.

by Павел Л


Easy to follow, great structure, a lot of examples, real people. The only issue I had was with the tests:sometimes you are asked to select several answers, but you are only able to select one; some questions contradict the information in the course; some answers are too vague or too similar.

by Anthony G


G​reat course to get the hands on approach on teaching English online. Quiz and some of written articles are not as accurate as I'd like them to be, though the advantages of the course outweigh the issues I've stated. Thank you so much! Looking forward to improving even more. Take care!

by Brenda R G


I learned a lot! The readings and videos are short and focus on what's important. The examples were very helpul to understand the readings. They could improve their acting in the videos but even without that, they are understandable.

Great course!

by José A R M


An amazing course that you can take to learn or remember what you might have learned before, even though my BA is Language Teaching and my masters in Education, it was worthy. However, first tests are confusing, but they improve after 4th unit.

by Patricia V


I found the information complete, detailed and very helpful. The teacher's interviews very good, some more interesting than others. I particularly like the feedback review and getting to hear about the different ESL teachers experiences.

by Oscar R


It was a great course with pretty good examples and strategies that are very useful. I would like to learn more about the use of technology when we are teaching online.

by Ana S


I would love to see more practice and online resources to help new online teachers. Overall, this is a sweet deal if you do not have any online teaching experience.

by Carlos E M F


Me gustó mucho el curso, me ayudó a reforzar mis conocimientos desde una perspectica on-line.

by Yana K


A lot of the same information given ai different words. Gooв as a start in a teaching career.

by Sarah K


The course is very useful since it teaches the teachers how to teach online.

by Luis A F C


Good course, however, some included practice would make it even better.

by Lisa T


I​'ve tutored students learning ESL and found this course helpful.

by Oksana M


A great course for budding ESL teachers

by Lizette D F D


Nice information and videos!

by HALİL d



by Rita M


The course would've been better had there been more samples of what online lessons for different macroskills at various levels (of English) looked like. Also, a list of resources (e.g. where to find authentic listening or reading materials) would've been very helpful. Finally, there could've been at least a module spent on teaching academic English online. On the technical side, there were errors with how one of the (earlier) quizzes was set up (as noted in the Discussion Forum).



This course covers the theory of teaching a foreign language, it does not have specific information about teaching online. While the information is very useful if you want to become an ESL teacher, the 'teaching online' in the title is misleading. I though this course will recommend different resources one may need while teaching online or something in this line.

by Serikbolsyn T


It was a nice course, but I didn't feel sufficiently challenged by the content. I also wish the assignments were more engaging. Simply doing tests and posting comments was not enough for me. Peer assessment would be beneficial.

by Diego A H G


There is a lot of relevant information and interesting examples about language acquisition, error correction and task-based instruction, but it might be a little basic for an experienced teacher.

by Arman A


I expected to learn more techniques and activities in teaching English online, to be honest. An average MOOC.