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Recently revised and updated! Effective teamwork and group communication are essential for your professional and personal success. In this course you will learn to: make better decisions, be more creative and innovative, manage conflict and work with difficult group members, negotiate for preferred outcomes, improve group communication in virtual environments, develop a better overall understanding of human interaction, and work more effectively as a team. Our goal is to help you understand these important dynamics of group communication and learn how to put them into practice to improve your overall teamwork....




Amazing course! I've learned a lot of new theories & ideas of Group Communication! in a simple yet interesting way. I will definitely make use of knowledge gain from this course in my practical life !



Amazing course! I've learned a lot of new theories & ideas of Group Communication! in a simple yet interesting way. I will definitely make use of knowledge gain from this course in my practical life !


Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups: 226 - 250 / 940 レビュー

by Kavitha D


I enjoyed the course throughout. A lot of learnings and knowledge have been achieved through the course. Thank you very much

by Victor B


Mr. Koschmann is a great teacher and a great speaker. The content was relevant and I learned a lot from group communication.

by Hassan M


This is the best MOOC I have ever taken and I have taken a lot of MOOCs. The teacher explains everything exceptionally well.

by Karla S R B


I think is a very useful tool to improve our communication skills and implement new strategies at the group to met our goals

by Elvan V


Thanks a lot for the course, it's helping me as a freshgraduate to have effective communication for landing in career job.



Very good course . It can be applied at Professional as well as personal life. It give positive results in both the cases

by Ofoma I F


I really learnt alot in this course. It was worth my time and effort. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to learn.

by Nico B


Comprehensive and well-structured course! It helped me out a lot and I now feel prepared to tackle future group projects!

by Konstantine G


Great course! Lessons are very informative, interesting and dynamic. The content is well organized and easy to understand

by Pamela D


Very engaging! Audited this course and found it very comprehensive. Will be utilizing in my everyday work interactions.

by Muhammad R A


describe a lot about what happens in a communicating group and how to make your group outcome more often more favorable

by Poornima D


The Course was amazing. I love working in a team but this course enhance my skills and the rapport with my team members.

by Abubaker S


I would like to Thank you very much for this course, it is really changed my view and improved my communication skills.

by Erin M


Very good, clear videos. The quizzes throughout were a great way to engage and make sure you paid attention throughout.

by eda b


It was very useful and efficient process.Fortuately I enroled this course that is wonderful for communication skills

by P B B


Really a nice experience and practical oriented course. I thank Matthew Koschmann for his wonderful lecturer series.

by Mohamed A


interesting course i recomend everyone to enroll, you're going to suround overally by all side of communuation group

by Gaurav S p


This course is very helpful to understand why do we fail in making good decision when it comes to group decision.

by Monica G


Really interesting, engaging, and well-explained course.

I will treasure the advice and teachings I came across.

by Adeyinka O F


The video's slides were so educative. Have been able to communicate effectively and work effectively in a group.

by Kasuntha M


Great course to learn about Teamwork Skills and communication within the teams. I highly recommend this course.

by Joshua D


very informative. presented important ideas and theories about communication that are overlooked. great format

by Fathima S


Very useful to me and my career. I can improved myself because of joining this course successfully completed.

by Erika B


I really enjoyed this course! It was never boring. Always a challenge but always a good journey! Thank you!

by hamed k


I really enjoyed and hope to get this course

I recommend this cours to everyone who wants to learn Teamwork