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This course is the first of a series that aims to prepare you for a role as an entry-level IT Support Specialist. In this course, you’ll be introduced to the world of Information Technology, or IT. You’ll learn about the different facets of Information Technology, like computer hardware, the Internet, computer software, troubleshooting, and customer service. This course covers a wide variety of topics in IT that are designed to give you an overview of what’s to come in this certificate program. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: ● understand how the binary system works ● assemble a computer from scratch ● choose and install an operating system on a computer ● understand what the Internet is, how it works, and the impact it has in the modern world ● learn how applications are created and how they work under the hood of a computer ● utilize common problem-solving methodologies and soft skills in an Information Technology setting...




Great course for beginners and experts. Easy to understand and a good refresher for those who have been into IT for a long date. Recommend it to everyone looking for a high quality course on coursera.



Well made and simple to understand, had previous experience and it was dead on. Great for beginners and a great refresher for people trying to get a cert for their resume or to expand their knowledge.


Technical Support Fundamentals: 201 - 225 / 10,000 レビュー

by Remi I


It is amazing to see how fast I can quickly learn about the basic fundamental in IT Support Professional Certificate course. I am really thrilled, that what seems like a magic in computer system was simplified through this course in a way that boost my confidence. Without mincing words, I can take the many skills I acquired such as; computer architecture, networking, trouble shooting, documentation and customer service to the next level.

Definitely, the knowledge and the skills created a new career path for me. I found the course very interesting and hope to build on it. My goal for this course is to stay on top of the latest information technology, and use it to help solve problems as they evolve. My greatest passion is to help users do the unthinkable.

Thank you for giving me the privilege to be a part of the winning team. I am proud of my Certificate!!!

by Katelyn R


I just finished the first week of the course and I am hooked. I am excited to be paving the roadway for my career with this course where I learn all the basic fundamentals of technical support. The material matter is up to date and very informational. I am soaking it all up and am loving the variety of videos and quiz exercises. I just wish they had more activities in to break up some of the longer video portions. I am able to maintain my focus, but for other users I can see how it might come off as intimidating. I would also maybe label the Quiz portions something different. Some users see the word "Quiz" and clam up. This could be completely avoided if these portions were labeled as "Week _ Exercise". This way more users would be likely to continue the course and add to the successful passing rate of this very user friendly program.

by John C


I have just finished through the first course. I found it very encouraging. It was not too hard, but gave a good starting introduction to concepts in IT Tech Support. I look forward to learning in greater detail about all of the subjects and skills involved. I had enough initial experience with computers that the first course was super easy and I was able to finish several weeks early. There were still parts that were new to me especially in terms of networking. I really liked how I could work at my own comfortable pace, which meant I could work ahead and get things done, and also could review and retake tests to learn from any mistakes I made and rethink things. I felt like I was being efficient about heading towards my goal. I look forward to the next courses, which I know will be more challenging, but also therefor more rewarding.

by April S


This is the first online course I've taken, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I was pleasantly surprised. I've always been hesitant to take online courses, because I felt like I'd be missing out on the real classroom experience and not actually learn as much as I should. But after seeing a Google sponsored course, I decided to give it a try and have no regrets!

At first I felt like this so course was so long, but I now appreciate how in depth the instructors go into the topics discussed. And the labs are so helpful that I don't feel I'm missing out on anything. Everything is so detailed and laid out step by step.

As someone with no IT experience whatsoever, I know I still have a lot to learn, but I definitely feel like I've made so much progress just in this first course, and I'm excited to see it through to completion!

by Safia M


This course was the first IT course I ever took. It was simple yet complex; It opened my eyes to the world of computers and software. It is really very good course if you do not know anything about IT, however, for me, I already had knowledge on how to install, update, and remove software on windows but with no knowledge of other OS. So, it is here that it helped me understand about Linux beyond what I heard. I really enjoyed this course and assignments.

All and all, this is very informative, intriguing and foundational course for anyone looking to improve themselves or expand to IT, as I am. Also, I think that this course could use some tweaking or updating; for example, instead of using Wikipedia for additional reading materials. it would be great to use some actual text books or some sort of online library materials etc.

by Rashad N


hi, thanks to googlers and coursera that made this course ever.

that's what i learnt form the course who forced me to learn supplementary readings, and let me get everything with simplified methods from googlers.

-Building computer from scatch

-solid understanding of hardware

-bits and bytes, differences between 3 MB/S and 3 Mb/S and too many such things

-How CPU,Ram,Peripherals, Motherboard,I/O, works, and their compatibility with one another

-Installing Linux,Windows

installing, updating and removing Software to the Remote device

-Remote Control with RDP and SSH


-TroubleShooting, Customer Service, too many supplementary readingg


-Advices From GOOGLERS: CIO, Engineers, IT Support Specialists, Software Engineers,

-Soft Skills

-Interview skills


by Phil H


T​his was a very difficult course but something I have struggled with after spending 3 months on a CCNA course as well. The CCNA helped me with a ton of concepts in this course but I struggle with pulling the important information from it. A flash card module or terminology section with acronyms would be incredibly helpful for review and something to go back and revist regularly. Not being in the computer field, I stepped back to IT in hopes of getting my foot in the door and growing within the field to perhaps one day be a Network Engineer or another path I have yet to discover. Super excited at the promising future these courses are giving me and have invested all my energy and focus on this path to a new career. Thank you for this content and excited to see the opportunities these courses open up after completion!

by Doshia B


I have recently retire as a Registered Nurse and called for assistance from IT Specialist often. I wondered how they were able to fix the problem I was having. I am not that computer literate, so I know it took great patient to assist me with solving the problem. I found the course somewhat easy to maneuver through, but did experience some difficulty when performing the labs. More demonstration, I felt was needed and done at a slower pace for myself and maybe others. Not all of us are familiar with the lab portion. The site that we were told to go to on Networking was not audible and difficult to read, did not help me at all. Overall, I think that the information and training given through the course is an entry level position for a person that is trying to become and IT specialist. I enjoyed learning something new.

by Aubrey A


New to the world of IT, over the past 7 weeks, I have been completing this course, I now have a new found respect for Computer Programming and Systems Administrations and Networking. There is definitely a lot of behind the screen work to be done here. However, I am that type of person who likes to challenge myself and see results. I'm just hoping after a day or so of decompression time from everything that I learned the past 7 weeks, that it can formulate to assist me to find employment in a very rewarding occupation. I will definitely like to continue advancing me in necessary certifications for the role of IT Support Specialist and more. My next step is to become certified in COMP TIA, A+++ and CISCO. Thanks Google and Coursera for allowing this ease of diving into any field you've been intrigued to pursue.

by YIP T W S


The course gives great insight for entry in IT Support.Although some resources and videos are insufficient in explaining the depth of some subjects,but I took initiative to check in forums in corresponding week lessons for more futher details and videos that shared by the fellow learners,if there is none,I will search Google and probably watch a few videos on Youtube about the certain topics,especially it is about iPv4 vs iPv6 ,CPU architectures,RAM & ROM,Network protocols and the lists goes on.It is great in explaining some concepts in analogy way,and it makes me more easier to absorb some fundamentals knowledge of IT.It is best if it could given some more resources in supplemental readings and more videos on explaining it,but since it is targeted for IT's entry level,it is good enough for the beginning.

by Ellen K


5 stars overall, but even great classes can improve. Would be good to let people in the labs know about deleting previous instances of ppk/putty.exe; would be good to start timer when product had loaded; i encountered that one glitch where the thing i was supposed to uninstall was not in the computer to begin with. I was afraid to install and then uninstall, lest it mark me down for trying an install when I was supposed to be un-installing. In places the transcript really needs proofing - it can be unclear or even misleading - and just for me personally - i would have loved to understand more deeply each concept in the path toward building modern computers - so much so that I could not just assemble one but design one myself. Maybe that's too much to ask of a first class. Overall I loved it though.

by David E T


I found that this course was pretty much what I needed. At first, I didn't think I would be able to take the course. When it was presented last year, I really wanted to get into the course because I felt that it could offer me more background information that what I had received in school. But I thought it was real expensive. So, I shied away from it. But, when an opportunity presented itself for me to get involved, I jumped at the chance.

I have completed my first module. I'm looking forward to the next module so I can go onward to completing the course and get myself into the field. I do hope this certification will help me.

One thing, how come Coursera don't have a course dealing with CompTIA A+, Network + and Security +? Many would benefit from this. Something to look at.


Dave Thomas

by Berfan H


This course is a great introduction for anyone who is thinking about a career in IT. Having taken courses from other industry giants, I expected very technical language, hard to follow explanations, bad sound, incomprehensible talk... Google has done a great job preparing the material. I was surprised to see videos about how to prepare a CV, and how to nail a technical interview (which I dreaded before, but now I feel like with enough preparation I can do it!) in the introductory course. Seeing a very diverse group of lecturers and learners definitely made a positive impact on me, I think now I like Google better as a company. The course covers a lot of material so by the end of it you know if you really want to work in IT, and it helps you figure out what aspect you might be interested in.

by Maureen D


I enjoyed this course and I felt that it was very useful. I was a little taken aback by some of the typos in the written descriptions, as well as what needed to be fixed in the videos. I wish that the text accompanying the videos was fixed as well, since I do better if I watch the video and then read the text. I had to make sure to make a note that it was adjusted so I didn't read through the wrong information.

I also did not like how some of the questions and answers in the evaluations were worded. I understand why they may have been twisted a little bit. I knew the answer, and even though I was confident in my knowledge, the wording made me step back and second-guess myself. Overall though, I still passed everything, so I am happy with the outcome. It bothered my inner perfectionist!

by Naomi


This course was amazing. I love how lots of information was broken down into lots of short videos to make learning fun and flexible! I look forward to the rest of the courses! Thank you, tech support, for all of your help so far. Thank you, classmates, for posting your technical difficulties with solutions for everybody to learn from while going through this course. I love how the presenters in the video shared their back stories. I love how we were assessed along the way so that we could go right back and re-watch the videos to re-learn the material. And, I absolutely loved the fact that the entire course is self-paced , as well as being able to re-take the assessments until achieving a 100% test score! I look forward to receiving my certificates of completion for each of the 5 courses!

by Wan M A B Y


I like it very much. Coming from a mid-to-late 20's growing up in an environment to see how computers evolved throughout the years, I would say this course definitely helped me pick back some stuff from high school and even taught me new things. I think Google does a great job in helping to educate the public. I love computers but I never thought that I would take this course since I studied something else during college. Now, I think I will go for a career in the IT industry because what this course taught me is that the field of technology is very broad and depth. Almost every company would require somebody who practices and is literate in IT. I will most probably continue with the specialization courses because I think it will be useful in the Real-World scenario.

IT and Google rocks!

by Sittampalam T


I didn't realize at the beginning that this was first part of a few more courses, now I understand why every section didn't have too much details, kind of brief introduction on the six topics. At moments I wished the course included a study guide on topics ...., I remember there were mentions few times that an IT person has to read up, learn more or research on his own etc. Now that all makes sense, On my part, I couldn't maintain an even pace in every segment, due to my own situation, lots going on around where I live with my daughter and her family. Before this course ended, I already signed up for the next one on Computer Networks ..., I am looking forward to learn a bit more detail topics and how different parts of the network work together to make a secure communication etc.

by Sofiya G


This is a good course for those who were training for CompTIA A+, as there are the fundamentals of Hardware, Software, and Networking. It seems like a vendor-neutral professional certification because here we can use both Linux and Windows GUI and CLI interfaces. It has a good Lab, and I did it several times from different computers: I have iMac with Linux Ubuntu on it, Windows Microsoft, MacBook Pro. (I used a USB flash drive to copy the keys and to move it to the other PC's Download folders). And I used all the computers to do the Lab Tasks. All the steps to complete the task were really easy and clear. I recommend this course for those who want to obtain skills in using Microsoft Remote Desktop (on Windows and Linux) and Remmina (on Linux Ubuntu). Thank you for this Lab experience!

by Atasha


I am very impressed with the Technical Support Fundamentals course. I am new to the IT field and I feel that the content was easy for me to follow and gave me a good basic introduction into the IT field. I recommend the courses for anyone interested in IT and looking for a career change. I am going to complete all of the courses that they suggest so that I can feel confident when I look for an IT job. I will say that you have to read through the material, listen to the instructors and take the tests. You get out of it, what you put into it. If you really want to learn what these courses have to give, you have to put in the work so that you fully understand what you are doing. In the future I will get a Security+ certification through CompTIA and I'm excited for things to come!

by Justin M


I'd like to thank Google and Coursera for the opportunity to enroll in this Technical Support Fundamentals course. I am very grateful. This course is very practical for an entry-level role in an IT business environment. As a Management Information Systems (MIS) major, I am very pleased with the information provided here and I suggest anyone with minimal knowledge in IT to enroll. Much of this coursework was a recap of what I studied, such as network infrastructure, data integrity, security, troubleshooting, and binary code. Exposure to Linux and how to run commands was especially noteworthy.

Again, this is a very practical course which utilizes fundamental information technology concepts into concise, easy-to-follow labs and modules. Highly recommended! Thank you.

by Vivian C


​This course is very well designed. The teachers are credible, and the lessons are clear. Online, you can linger over what you don't understand, and the Save Note feature is genius. Having directed supplemental readings that directly relate to your course is spot on - you're not blundering around just getting the top Google hit to follow up. The combination of video, close captions and transcription (needs a little tune-up, volunteers go at it!) is for people who learn in different ways. The quizzes are totally relevant, and you can figure out what you understand, and what needs work. And you can take them over and over. Sure, you could easily cheat, but then you literally would be cheating yourself. There's no faking this stuff. Definitely 100% recommended.

by Anthony " O


I'm so happy that I started this journey. It's exciting and feeding a passion to learn more about technology. The presenters have been amazing and inspiring. Every aspect of this course has been targeted and strategically built to help everyone succeed. I found myself reviewing notes when needed and paying attention to items called out in the videos as key. The supplemental reading was interesting and I often found myself learning a lot about how the history of technology has impacted today and the processes that are still used (and often expanded upon). I'm looking forward to more! It feels like the rush of an amazing quest game, only leveling-up is hitting those 100% graded assignments and the benefits are personal growth; a win-win!

by Donato L


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by Brittany J S


I loved this course! I learned so many things through this course and am super excited to keep learning. Everything was easy to understand and spoke to all my areas of learning. I loved the option to read while watching the videos as well as the supplemental reading afterwards that was provided. I especially loved the visuals that were created to help understand what is going on in the hardware. I am a hands on learner so being able to see what is happening really helped me. Through out this course I have been just mind blown that something like this exists. I have been telling everyone about it and hope more people look into coursera. Thank you so much for creating this incredible way to teach, inspire, and motivate us to keep learning!

by Sergio D


I have really enjoyed taking this course and learning the fundamentals to IT Support. I truly believe that this is the first step in a future career in Technology.It’s been a challenging but rewarding experience. I have already recommended this course to multiple people. I am looking forward to continuing with these courses and becoming a power user. For a long time, I have felt stagnant in the jobs that I have worked in, and knew that I wasn’t using my full potential. This course has changed that. I can now see a successful career in IT Support in my future. I now know that the world of IT needs me, because I bring a diverse and a different perspective that can lead to new innovation. Like technology, I am eager to keep evolving.