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The Music of the Beatles will track the musical development of the band, starting from the earliest days in Liverpool and Hamburg, moving through the excitement of Beatlemania, the rush of psychedelia, and the maturity of Abbey Road. While the focus will be on the music, we will also consider how recording techniques, the music business, the music of other artists, and the culture of the 1960s affected John, Paul, George, and Ringo as they created the Beatles repertory. There is probably no band or artist that has had more written about their music than the Beatles. There are many good books on the band's biography, several insider accounts offering glimpses behind the scenes, books that interpret the meaning of the songs, and even books that catalog dates and people regarding the band. This course will try to synthesize much of that information into an account of the Beatles' development as musicians and songwriters....




Great class. For someone who grew up listening to the Beatles (thank you, Mom!), I learned things I did not know and will listen to the songs with a different appreciation and approach. Thank you!!!!



I really enjoyed the course, including the side stories. I only wish that there was no problem with copyright infringement and all so one can listen to the songs as they are being discussed.


The Music of the Beatles: 76 - 100 / 259 レビュー

by Tadeo M


Un excelente donde aprendí diferentes datos sobre la carrera de The Beatles y especialmente comprendí la forma en la que los Beatles llegaron a convertirse en los grandes músicos que ahora son.

by Janice J W C


I really enjoyed the course, including the side stories. I only wish that there was no problem with copyright infringement and all so one can listen to the songs as they are being discussed.



I have always been curious about the beginnings of the Beatles and in fact I have been playing and singing some of their popular songs. I'm glad there is a free on line course about them.

by Gelsey B


Incredibly rich class, so much to learn and appreciate. I enjoyed the story arc employed by the professor, as well as the examples, song close up, and information about song structure.

by Gabriel M


Excelente curso. Voy más o menos por la mitad actualmente, pero contiene información interesantísima y el catedrático la explica de una forma muy fácil de comprender. ¡Recomendado!

by Jimena P T


Thankyou so much for this course. I learned a lot and it was a nice first aproach to music. I love The Beatles even more now. The professor is great. I loved everything. Thankyou

by Jan J


Could have been some more background information about band members, but in overall very interesting course.

Lecturer really seems to be "fanatic" himself- that in a good way.

by Karol P


Un excelente curso que brinda la oportunidad de tener un acercamiento más cercano a los Beatles, un gran profesor que conoce de la materia y ayuda a resolver inquietudes

by Giampiero G


Excellent course. The only drawback s that there could not be any piece of music or lyrics. This is a problem that should be addressed somehow to make it even better.

by Alonso P


¡Me encantó! Un curso muy completo donde no solamente reforcé mis conocimientos históricos de The Beatles, sino también aprendí algo de teoría musica. ¡Recomendado!

by Alicia Z


Engagingly presented course that struck the right balance between academic rigor and learning for fun. Really enjoyed this course. Top marks to the tutor!

by Lucia C F M


Amazing course on The Beatles. Very well-explained! Never off-topic, absolutely interesting at all times. Highly recommendable! Professor Covach is great!

by Graciela M D


Excellent approach, lots of history, theory about the music and art, lots of information, I am very happy I have taken this course, I have learned a lot.

by Jose L T L


Excellent course, entertaining and informative, it is my favorite band, now i have more knowledge of the musical history of The beatles. Congratulations.

by Bill W


A great course with a great amount of research and just enough Theory for those not musically educated to gain a further insight into the Beatles Music.

by Maria C F L


Gave me a better appreciation of the Beatles' music and their place in history. The instructor was very engaging and informative. Tons of information.

by Johnathon K


John has done a wonderful job with this course. very much enjoyed it and learned a lot about rock music and its production as well as Beatles history.

by Rithvik G


i was a pure, untouched soul who was inspired by john covach to listen to the entire of Rubber Soul on Pot and Revolver on LSD, 14/10 would recommend

by Scott D


Really a great course. Not so much technical musicianship, or personal stuff, but a very comprehensive journey through the evolution of their music.

by leira o


Muy interesante y completo, cumplió todas mis expectativas, aprendí mucho. El profesor sabe muchísimo y las lecciones las explica de maravilla.

by David A G V


Excellent course to learn about the musical legacy of The Beatles. I would like you to make courses on the legacy of other major bands as well.

by Douglas S


Really fun class led by a real gentleman who brings tremendous knowledge and appreciation to the fore. Strongly recommend for all Beatles fans!

by Karina v r


I love this course, I keep on taking it over and over again as much as I possibly can.

I always learn something different and new.

Thanks ; )

by Daniel S F A


Excelente curso, soy un joven beatlemaniaco y aunque he estudiado bastante a esta gran banda no conocía muchas de las cosas aquí mencionadas.

by Tom T


I've always been a fan of the Beatles. this course gave a great perspective of the Beatles phenomena from a musical and a business viewpoint