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ジョンズ・ホプキンズ大学(Johns Hopkins University) による The Social and Technical Context of Health Informatics の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



Improving health and healthcare institutions requires understanding of data and creation of interventions at the many levels at which health IT interact and affect the institution. These levels range from the external “world” in which the institution operates down to the specific technologies. Data scientists find that, when they aim at implementing their models in practice, it is the “socio” components that are both novel to them and mission critical to success. At the end of this course, students will be able to make a quick assessment of a health informatics problem—or a proposed solution—and to determine what is missing and what more needs to be learned. Who Is This Class For? Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and other allied health professionals interested in expanding their understanding of digital health, big data, health information systems, and the unintended consequences of disruptive innovation in the healthcare system. The course is also aimed at those with technical, engineering, or analytics backgrounds who want to understand the nuances of those topics when it comes to healthcare....




Very good information and the teaching material is easy to process and understand. I think the stack is a brilliant method to assess and to learn it is one of the important aspects of informatics.



This course is great for beginners in the field of Health Informatics. I really enjoyed it and learnt some new fundamentals concepts and models. Thanks for the effort put in this course


The Social and Technical Context of Health Informatics: 1 - 25 / 112 レビュー

by Edith J


I want a career in Informatics and to work at John Hopkins!! Here I come!!

by Mayank A


This course is a collection of leading thoughts for Health Informatics.

It is a must course to take. It subsumes all other informatics courses. It provides a high level overview as well as guidewires for informaticians.

by Maaz S


Horrible! Absolute disaster. Please do not waste your money here. The instructor has his eyes closed half the course, mumbles in this annoying tone here and there, slides extremely detailed and does not even bother to go through what is mentioned, seems completely uninterested with a bit of burping and nose picking which is extremely unprofessional. With 15-20 min useless lectures, you can do so much more on YouTube believe me. I took this course as a Master student hoping to learn a skill during covid-19, and was confident because of the 4 star rating. All I can say is consider me as "the sacrifice". Happy life to you!

by Muhammad E S


This course is great for beginners in the field of Health Informatics. I really enjoyed it and learnt some new fundamentals concepts and models. Thanks for the effort put in this course

by Aleiya V


Lecturer was knowledgeable. He clearly know his topic. He used great examples. However, he did come across as unexcited. He frequently mumbles and the transcription gets those words incorrect. It's slightly hard for me and I am a born English-speaker. The other language students must have had a hard time. It made me dread having to listen. Occasionally, the quizzes did not reflect the topics taught. The algorithm to mark the quiz also marked some 'right answers' as wrong. There is no answer from Course Moderators in the discussion forums. Those things actually made me discontinue from the rest of the Health Informatics course. I am to discuss with my colleagues about whether we want to complete this.

by Dr S I


Very good information and the teaching material is easy to process and understand. I think the stack is a brilliant method to assess and to learn it is one of the important aspects of informatics.

by sameera o a s



by Raveendra M


For the beginners, the information is just right amount to start up.

by Daniel E


Very informative;highly recommended!

by Deleted A


Great introduction. Only criticism is the course content should reflect the quiz better.

by Oscar E Z


I think this course is very U.S. oriented. This should be highlighted on the course when they offer it through the portal. Also, the course is 100 about the Stack tool developed by the main professor. Other methodologies should be teached. I did not find this tool useful at all and perhaps the professor is a bit bias towards the use of it.



Its been an overwhelming subject for me to learn, coming from a clinical background. However, the course design has been increasingly helpful in breaking down the concept and later putting it all together to critically analyse and understand the bigger picture of health informatics. I am an absolute fan of the Stack Analysis concept taught by Dr Lehmann.

by Chinthaka B


This was bit harder but a great course and I learnt a lot from it. Basics of public health informatics and hope to keep in mind until the carrier ends. Thank you for the team!

by Fabricia J


This course should have more texts and material for study.

by Jenelle W


Look elsewhere for a certification. Very disappointed. The first quiz had many misspellings, had the wrong answers selected as correct, and you were unable to find the question in the closed captioning text for review. Don't waste your time or money here.

by Naudia H


The tests are incorrect and the some of the language in the tests are unnecessarily confusing. I was charged for this course but I will not being going forward. This was not a pleasant experience.

by David G


Content and delivery are very clear and concise, would appreciate some more reading material or reference list for each module but otherwise a wonderful learning resource.

by Majid J


great course , but there is no any reading material provided in it .

by SAR


Thank you very very much🥰🥰🥰

by Tarun R


There were no prerequisites required for this course. Being from a non-technical background I faced difficulties while comprehending the content, The instructor could have made it student-friendly and besides it was all restricted to the stack, social aspects were only illustrated in examples, could have added more. That's all from my side, I elaborated what I felt over here.

by Warren W G


This course is not what I expected, and it failed to meet the preferred learning standards. While Dr. Lehmann is obviously very knowledgeable, his constant stuttering make the presented material hard to understand. He did not follow the slide presentation material along as well as other presenters, and he left many key pieces of information out of his overall presentation of each segment.

by Kelly R


Excellent information. Wonderful overview of Health Informatics. Many great examples. The project at the end was challenging and lead to reviewing the entire course. There were at least 2 quiz questions which I (and others) felt did not have the correct answer marked. There were also a few times I could have used more examples. Overall, however, I highly recommend this course.

by Paloma P


This course helped me to understand the basis of the application of informatics in a health system. Even if you are not from the U.S., you can get the big picture of how things work behind. A recommendable course indeed.

by Vichol L


Thank you everyone who played a part in creating this course. This course gave a detailed introduction to the world of health informatics with comprehensive diagrams, flowcharts as example for explanations.

by Leah K


The peer-assignment helps solidify all of the learning with applying it to a real-world situation. It was very informative and applicable to leave this course with a new tool: Informatics Stack Analysis.