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COURSE DESCRIPTION This course provides an introduction to the most powerful engineering principles you will ever learn - Thermodynamics: the science of transferring energy from one place or form to another place or form. We will introduce the tools you need to analyze energy systems from solar panels, to engines, to insulated coffee mugs. More specifically, we will cover the topics of mass and energy conservation principles; first law analysis of control mass and control volume systems; properties and behavior of pure substances; and applications to thermodynamic systems operating at steady state conditions. COURSE FORMAT The class consists of lecture videos, which average 8 to 12 minutes in length. The videos include integrated In-Video Quiz questions. There are also quizzes at the end of each section, which include problems to practice your analytical skills that are not part of video lectures. There are no exams. GRADING POLICY Each question is worth 1 point. A correct answer is worth +1 point. An incorrect answer is worth 0 points. There is no partial credit. You can attempt each quiz up to three times every 8 hours, with an unlimited number of total attempts. The number of questions that need to be answered correctly to pass are displayed at the beginning of each quiz. Following the Mastery Learning model, students must pass all 8 practice quizzes with a score of 80% or higher in order to complete the course. ESTIMATED WORKLOAD If you follow the suggested deadlines, lectures and quizzes will each take approximately ~3 hours per week each, for a total of ~6 hours per week. TARGET AUDIENCE Basic undergraduate engineering or science student. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - What are the prerequisites for taking this course? An introductory background (high school or first year college level) in chemistry, physics, and calculus will help you be successful in this class. -What will this class prepare me for in the academic world? Thermodynamics is a prerequisite for many follow-on courses, like heat transfer, internal combustion engines, propulsion, and gas dynamics, to name a few. -What will this class prepare me for in the real world? Energy is one of the top challenges we face as a global society. Energy demands are deeply tied to the other major challenges of clean water, health, food resources, and poverty. Understanding how energy systems work is key to understanding how to meet all these needs around the world. Because energy demands are only increasing, this course also provides the foundation for many rewarding professional careers....




Great course. But I was also hoping to get an in-depth analytical understanding of the second law of thermodynamics and the zeroth law as well. But I really enjoyed it and definitely learned a lot.



Courses from the University of Michigan are always awesome. Hats off to Margaret Wooldridge, mam. Thank you so much, Coursera and the University of Michigan for making this outstanding experience.


Introduction to Thermodynamics: Transferring Energy from Here to There: 26 - 50 / 634 レビュー



Course is quite good but i know some new thing should be involved in this course so that student can interact well with the courses and try to put some real life practical situation which is related to courses..

the overallcourses is quite good . I learn lot of thing from this courses.

Margaret Wooldridge , a good professor she tell the thing more effectively. thank you.

by Yash S C


It Was very Helpful course for me as it Gave me a Detailed Idea About the Subject Thermodynamics Which will be very helpful for Me in my Academic Years Ahead Being In Mechanical Enginnering Branch from MITWPU.I want to Thank MITWPU for giving me an Opportunity to learn and Understand this very Important and Useful Subject.Thank you All For your Efforts And Dedication.

by Mateo G A


Definitely have to enroll, basically I knew the ideal gas equation some backgraound in calculus but everything else was new for me. It was an increadible and well organized course, it can be noted that the content in superb, lecturer (Prof. Margaret) knows the topic and shows enthusiasm while teaching. You won't regret it.

by Mayanknath J


Great course. But I was also hoping to get an in-depth analytical understanding of the second law of thermodynamics and the zeroth law as well. But I really enjoyed it and definitely learned a lot.

by Tim L


I already hold a BSc in Aerospace Engineering but that was achieved several decades ago. Now that I am retired, one of my goals is to revisit the various courses that presented significant "challenges" the first time around. I wish I had Dr. Wooldridge as an instructor when I initially tackled thermodynamics; her presentation is not only straight forward and easily followed, but with a sense of friendliness and encouragement. Of course, what is new to this course is consideration to the impact of energy transfer on global warming. As Dr. Wooldridge suggested, the numbers overwhelmingly support the thesis that humans are forcing climate change. I was very glad to see this section added. It is one thing to know how something works, but another to appreciate the impact it is having on the environment. This turned into a wonderful review of so many things I had forgotten I had forgotten. Thank you.

by Demetrius S B


Great course, had a great time and learned a lot. I'm a software engineer but my boss is a mechanical engineer. He was always boasting on his knowledge of thermodynamics. Now I'll be able to answer his "rhetorical" questions on energy conservation and entropy... Wow! Finally I've learned what this mysterious entropy word is all about or maybe I think that I did...

by Sanchita A


I have taken a few courses before landing up on this one and I must say, it was an absolutely amazing experience! The Professor taught the nuisances of Thermodynamics with examples and in great detail which really helped me understand the subject. Thank you Professor, her team, the University of Michigan and Coursera for such a brilliant course.

by Renu Y


I must mention that Professor Margaret Wooldridge is one of the Best Teachers ever I studied under!! I would be more than happy to pursue those courses by the same teacher in future . It was really a great introductory course to thermodynamics. Topics with very simple and practical examples would definitely be useful. Thank you!

by Sandesh A


I am an electrical engineer, working for mechatronics company. This course is very useful to improve understanding and inculcate relevant thought process when you have to deal with engines or other mechanical systems. Thanks a lot. It helped me. Looking for other courses like Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer etc.

by Sachin P K


I have completed the course, "Introduction to thermodynamic, transferring energy from here to there"Successfully under your guidance of Dr.Margaret Wooldrige But unfortunately havent recieved any completion certificate it will be great if I recieve the same. Hope for a positive response. Hence, awaited. Regards,Sachin komble

by Abdullah A S A


Such an amazing course with a lot of information on the basics of thermodynamics. I have developed my knowledge and revised what I already know about the fundamentals of thermodynamics. The instructor way of delivering the lectures was phenomenal straight and easy for beginners to be involved in such a crucial science.

by Benjamin M W


This course is great for learning the basics of thermodynamics and applying those ideas to the energy sector. In the first half of the course you study energy systems in general and get familiar with all the terminology, then you'll move on to model simple engines and power plants with these skills.

by Arun S


Well, I've got to nothing else to say except that this course was a great educational experience. The course really helped me in understanding the subject in a conceptual way. Special thanks for Prof.Margaret, University of Michigan and coursera for providing students with this opportunity.



Cours très intéressant, enseignante très pédagogue, j'ai suivi le cours depuis le début jusqu'à la fin : c'est un plaisir de suivre cet enseignement de qualité. Le script m'a permis de mieux comprendre l'anglais, car je ne comprenais pas tout ce qu'elle disait. Merci à cette enseignante.

by Dr. M D N


Introduction to Thermodynamics Transferring energy from here t there is very informative and refreshing the fundamental knowledge and teacher has given basic concepts and how to use in real life thermal practical problems

I have enjoyed this teaching and learning process in this course

by Bikkavolu J R


Thank you for the course and certification. I really found that a lot of knowledge is added to me. I am excited while learning many new things. It truly helped me a lot. Thank you for Arthur F. Thurnau Professor. Margaret Wooldridge, Ph.D., and the University of Michigan.

by Giri D


It's a good course and learnt many things and the expert Dr. Wooldridge has awesome skill in teaching, an expert touch. Good course good teaching. But I thought available and unavailable energy modules will also be there, that was missing. Except that, it's wonderful.

by Geoffrey A N


What a great course, instructor, and learning experience. The math was probably more challenging for me than others, but I still learned a lot and enjoyed the course. I wish they had more handouts/PDF notes and videos of the machines. All in all, wonderful class-

by Freyja Y


Great course taught by a clearly competent professor. I like the segmented form, being able to complete tests for each week while the material is still fresh. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in an introduction into energy and power generation.

by Bhushan U


This course is a very good introductory course to Thermodynamics. It has a lot of depth and breadth not just of the core Sciences but of the applications and other ramifications too. It is a good course to get a decent grasp of the subject for higher learning.

by Ling W


This is a great course for those who wants to learn the real world thermodynamics and how to apply your knowledge gained from the course to solve real world problems. Professor Margaret Wooldridge did a fantastic job in the teaching. Thanks very much!

by Ralph S


My first engineering course and an eye-opener. I learned to look at an entire set of problems in a new way and how engineering concepts are essential in the modern world and can allow us to frame difficult issues in a clear, solvable and logical way.

by Alberto R S


I really liked the course. The explanations have been very clear. I think that, apart from the problems solved by the professor, they should provide a collection of problems solved step by step to practice and better assimilate the concepts.

by Vishal


Very Fantastic course for beginners because it contains all the basic things which are required to study further thermal related subjects like Heat Transfer, Turbo Machines, Applied Thermodynamics , Refrigeration and Air-conditioning . :-)

by Alessandro C


Excellent course. It's well structured and parceled into short sessions with quizzes at the ends. The professor is engaging and explains new concepts clearly. Thank you Coursera, University of Michigan and Dr. Wooldridge for a great cour