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The strength of finance is that it takes a structured approach to decision making, with one key building block underlying all decisions — understanding the value of time, or the Time Value of Money (TVM). In this course, we will develop this building block using introductory, and simple, applications. We will learn about the Time Value of Money (TVM), Simple Future Value (FV) , Simple Present Value (PV) , Future Value of Annuity, Loans, compounding, and Valuing Perpetuities. We will introduce the framework in a carefully structured and replicable way to prepare you to explore more advanced applications in the rest of the specialization. In the follow-on courses, we will expand the applications to more complex real-world decisions. After completing this course, you will have an understanding of how the value of money changes over time. You will understand the implications of all your financial decisions, including saving for the future through different channels and borrowing for future needs. You will leave with the practical knowledge needed to make informed decisions on a wide range of financial decisions. This course is part of the four-course Foundational Finance for Strategic Decision Making Specialization....




Professor Kaul showed passion for the course material. Lessons are to the point and informational. I would recommend to anyone introducing themselves to the subject of finance or economics.



The course speed was really good for a noobie like me in the finance. Having a grip on fundamentals is essentials thanks for making me understand . Thanks and greets to Gautam Kaul. :)


Introduction to Time Value of Money (TVM): 151 - 175 / 181 レビュー

by Shiksha V


The classes were great. The concepts taught were cleared with detailed explanations and real world examples and breaks. As per the complexity of this course I feel if examples could be added more, that would've helped to understand better. Apart from this, even few assignment questions were tricky & related to real world. The notes were also crisp.

Thank you sir!

by Jannatul M A


I loved doing the course. However, since this is from 2012, I would like to ask for upgrades in lesson content, including more on the types of Annuity and relevant problems on each type, and a little more on EAR and APR and rates. Thank you for clearing my head on most of the topics I previously had little idea about. I am grateful to the teacher!

by Jason Z


The professor is pretty good, but goes off topic sometimes and sometimes takes really long to explain a basic concept. Also, instead of using so many spreadsheets, the professor could improve the course by explain more conceptual stuff, such as breaking down formulas, etc. Overall, I would still highly recommend this course though.

by Brendan R


Everything made sense during the lessons but during the quizzes there seemed to be some questions that really came from out of left field. And I would go back to the lessons but couldn't find an answer from his teachings. That was very frustrating.

by Prof. ( S K S


Course is explained in a very simple way. However, for the person of finance background and average learners, it seems to be at very slow pace.

Good course.

by Kaushal B


Really good course. Could do better while explaining the intuition behind the time value of money.

Otherwise, a good course

by Saishankar S


The concepts of time value across different types of loans/annuities/mortgages are introduced nicely.

by MRH K


I have seen that a few problems given in the quiz and assignment are not covered in the lecture.

by Kamyar K


For a course without credit, there should be unlimited quiz attempts.

Everything else was great!

by Kalp L J


Thecourse was indeed helpful and gave abetter understanding of finance and compounding.

by Stuti G


The course is very basic in nature and seems to be oriented towards complete novices.

by Amaykumar I


Very nice and easy to understand. Expected more from this course like IRR also

by Siddharth P


Very Knowledgeable, learned some insights about the basics of Finance

by Rosa C


Simplesmente espectacular! Óptima didática do professor, e conteúdo

by Suman A


This one of the fundamental course, everyone must do this course.

by Sherry


Very useful and deliberated. The pace is a little bit too slow.

by Stephen H


The information was organized and clearly communicated.

by Chin N C


Easy for Beginner and useful information

by shashwat g


Good teacher and very engaging sessions

by Nandalall P


Very easy to follow the professor.

by Dhruv D


the course was very informative

by Richa R


thank u very much sir

by Suraj


Thank you sir!

by Nimish P


awsome teacher

by Sina S