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This course is about what we can learn from examining the human skeleton, and how we can use this knowledge to reconstruct the lives of people who lived in the past. In archaeology and anthropology, human skeletal remains can provide unique insights into the past and the present; insights that cannot be gained otherwise. These insights are explored in five main themes spread out over five weeks of learning. First, it is shown how age-at-death, sex and stature can be estimated by the close examination of (archaeological) skeletal remains. In subsequent modules it is shown how human bones can provide information about the diseases and injuries that people suffered from and what they ate. Also, it is shown how the human skeleton provides information about the kinds of activities that people engaged in and about how they migrated and moved around their landscapes. In this course, you will examine all aspects of the human skeleton that can provide us with information about these different facets of life. Together we will explore the scientific field that is known as human osteoarchaeology. - Human, because it is about us and our ancestors, - Osteo, because it is about our bones, - Archaeology, because we use this information to better understand the behaviors and events experienced by past people. During the course, you will decipher the clues left behind in the skeletons of past peoples with the methods and techniques that are presented. You may also discover some clues hidden in your own skeleton and what they reveal about the life that you are living. Want to know more? You can take a look at the course trailer here:



Very informative, a good grounding in the subject, I really felt like I gained a lot of valuable knowledge on the subject that will help me in future endeavors. Very well put-together and organized.


I took this course to find out what osteoarchaeology was all about. Excellent, excellent course! Well planned, laid out and , and very interesting. I have learned a lot. Thank you!!!


Osteoarchaeology: The Truth in Our Bones: 51 - 75 / 134 レビュー

by Deborah R C


I found the course to be interesting and very well taught. I enjoyed learning from this course, and getting my certificate after 5 weeks of hard work.

by Vladislav K


The course is just awesome! This is an excellent course, best of what I have learned on the web. Thank you, professors, creators and technical team!

by kouassi n c


Je ne connaissais pas tout cela sur mes os et mes dents quelques trucs mais rien de plus, je suis satisfaite de ce cours il est très instructif

by Lucy


It takes a lot of work. Rewatching some of the videos to help understand them. I will be taking another course to learn more.

by Veronica E


I learned a lot and found the assignments relevant and useful for achieving a better understanding the material. Great course!

by Roger F


Into the third week and it is very interesting. The 1st MOOC that I have done where there is a weekly assignment to submit!

by Emilio J M V


muy bueno me cuesta pero muy bueno solo que al habla hispano sin bases buenas en ingles se le complica pero excelente curso

by juan p d r


Great. I am confident that soon there will be new and more advanced courses

that can perform registration to perform them.

by Derek N


This is an excellently well presented course that is informative, interesting and challenging. Well worth engaging with.

by Alisse S


Incredibly informative, builds upon itself, and gives ample opportunity for application in case study assignments.

by Mark E v A


Very enjoyable. Cool information and the assignments really force you to think critically about your reasoning.

by E M B


This course provided great illustrations and information regarding the various specialties in human osteology.

by Elisabeth R M


It was a really wondeful course! I learned so much, thank you very much for all your hard work and time.

by Anne-Marie G


Loved this course. Allows you to go into more detail if you wish. Friendly lecturer. Facinating subject.

by Maria G H


Loved this course! I learned the basics of everything I wanted to learn and I really enjoyed it!

by Kathlyn T


Fantastic, informational, and very fun. I truly enjoyed this course from Universiteit Leiden.

by Yenny A A S


Excelente curso, contenido especializado pero muy claro, con muchos ejemplos y bibliografía.

by Richard I M


This was a very intense and thoughtful course. I found it quite challenging and enjoyable.

by Laura G


I learn a lot about ancient skeleton and also about my own, in very enjoyable lessons!

by Sam T


This is a well structured and delivered course covering a fascinating subject.

by Melissa v R


I learned a lot, the assignments are very nice in my opinion! Very engaging.

by Dan C


Excellent course. Very well taught and offered. Instructors were amazing.

by matid c


Excellent course and material. A must take for aspiring Archaeologists!

by Marcela K


Great course, never knew all the things that can be told from bones!



Course extremely well built and documented. Very nice and exciting.