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This course is about what we can learn from examining the human skeleton, and how we can use this knowledge to reconstruct the lives of people who lived in the past. In archaeology and anthropology, human skeletal remains can provide unique insights into the past and the present; insights that cannot be gained otherwise. These insights are explored in five main themes spread out over five weeks of learning. First, it is shown how age-at-death, sex and stature can be estimated by the close examination of (archaeological) skeletal remains. In subsequent modules it is shown how human bones can provide information about the diseases and injuries that people suffered from and what they ate. Also, it is shown how the human skeleton provides information about the kinds of activities that people engaged in and about how they migrated and moved around their landscapes. In this course, you will examine all aspects of the human skeleton that can provide us with information about these different facets of life. Together we will explore the scientific field that is known as human osteoarchaeology. - Human, because it is about us and our ancestors, - Osteo, because it is about our bones, - Archaeology, because we use this information to better understand the behaviors and events experienced by past people. During the course, you will decipher the clues left behind in the skeletons of past peoples with the methods and techniques that are presented. You may also discover some clues hidden in your own skeleton and what they reveal about the life that you are living. Want to know more? You can take a look at the course trailer here:



Nov 08, 2016

Very informative, a good grounding in the subject, I really felt like I gained a lot of valuable knowledge on the subject that will help me in future endeavors. Very well put-together and organized.


Nov 21, 2016

I took this course to find out what osteoarchaeology was all about. Excellent, excellent course! Well planned, laid out and , and very interesting. I have learned a lot. Thank you!!!


Osteoarchaeology: The Truth in Our Bones: 26 - 50 / 97 レビュー

by Sarah S

Apr 25, 2017

Such a fun and interesting course!


Dec 19, 2016

Great course....learned a lot and had fun.

by Juan A J

Jun 23, 2017


by Gary C

Sep 14, 2017

Very good, and one that makes you check multiple sites for the research. very well presented by all of those involved. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will hope for a more in depth follow on from the team,

by Claudette D

Oct 12, 2016

Excellent class

by Bart S

Oct 10, 2016

great class, please repeat it!

by Aitor M C

Aug 28, 2017

It was very well! It is interesting to understand some things about bones and pathologyes for instance, and in order to know what kind of bone we can find in the shield!

by Lourdes L M

Nov 14, 2016

Very interesting course, a lot of information very well explained and showed. Congratulations to all the team that make this course possible !! Thank you very much

by Anthony

Sep 15, 2017

The "solve a mystery" structure of the course makes the assessment part a lot of fun whilst echoing the kind of Problem Based Learning approach common to some of the best university courses. All the materials and contributors work well together to create a fun, welcoming learning environment.

by Dr.Martin G

May 20, 2017

Congratulations for this course!!!

by Maria G H

Aug 15, 2017

Loved this course! I learned the basics of everything I wanted to learn and I really enjoyed it!

by Matthew R

Aug 17, 2017

very enjoyable and I learnt a lot of really useful information

by Tracy N

Nov 03, 2016

Amazing course... what set this apart from other online learning experiences is the highly informational and instructional video content. This course was developed thoughtfully, allowing for various learning styles to be successful. Students are able to enjoy the experience of learning, and method engagement required is both fascinating and educational. The lead instructors of this course are highly engaging and present material with perfect clarity and purpose. I highly recommend this course and will be looking for more from this university and the authors.

by Agustin O

Nov 07, 2016

I think it was a great introduction to the field and I hope to learn more in the near future. Thanks to all the people that helped create it. My only criticism is the lack of understanding by the other students when they grade others papers. Giving low scores without giving any feedback is not helpful.

All in all, I had fun taking this course.

by Marianne T

Dec 12, 2016

Very accessiblein terms of difficulty, very interesting case studies and thorough explanations. This complemented the practical summer course I had done a few years ago.

by Brandon E K

Dec 07, 2016

Absolutely a fantastic and brilliant experience, one in which I would recommend to anyone choosing a history, archaeology, anthropology or anatomy related career path. I learned so much and gained both a new insight in studying the human anatomy and a new interest in what I would like to study further for my career.

by Alfredo J A G

Aug 18, 2017

dis les bendiga

by Vladislav K

Oct 16, 2017

The course is just awesome! This is an excellent course, best of what I have learned on the web. Thank you, professors, creators and technical team!

by Emilio J M V

Jul 19, 2017

muy bueno me cuesta pero muy bueno solo que al habla hispano sin bases buenas en ingles se le complica pero excelente curso

by Kathlyn T

May 06, 2017

Fantastic, informational, and very fun. I truly enjoyed this course from Universiteit Leiden.

by Robin B

Jan 26, 2017

Awesome course =)

by Colin A

Jul 11, 2017

A great course very well presented. Really enjoyed it.

by Sarra G

Jan 08, 2018

Excellent course, very scientific and thorough in its approach. The lecturer was excellent and explained complex concepts very well. I thoroughly enjoyed this course.

by Alisse S

Mar 27, 2017

Incredibly informative, builds upon itself, and gives ample opportunity for application in case study assignments.

by Marcela K

Oct 12, 2017

Great course, never knew all the things that can be told from bones!