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Unix forms a foundation that is often very helpful for accomplishing other goals you might have for you and your computer, whether that goal is running a business, writing a book, curing disease, or creating the next great app. The means to these goals are sometimes carried out by writing software. Software can’t be mined out of the ground, nor can software seeds be planted in spring to harvest by autumn. Software isn’t produced in factories on an assembly line. Software is a hand-made, often bespoke good. If a software developer is an artisan, then Unix is their workbench. Unix provides an essential and simple set of tools in a distraction-free environment. Even if you’re not a software developer learning Unix can open you up to new methods of thinking and novel ways to scale your ideas. This course is intended for folks who are new to programming and new to Unix-like operating systems like macOS and Linux distributions like Ubuntu. Most of the technologies discussed in this course will be accessed via a command line interface. Command line interfaces can seem alien at first, so this course attempts to draw parallels between using the command line and actions that you would normally take while using your mouse and keyboard. You’ll also learn how to write little pieces of software in a programming language called Bash, which allows you to connect together the tools we’ll discuss. My hope is that by the end of this course you be able to use different Unix tools as if they’re interconnecting Lego bricks....




This course is extremly helpful and well designed for beginnner and working professionals with neat info. I strongly recomended this course. Thanks for mentors/authors with real time example commands.



This is a very friendly step-by-step guide to Unix for beginners, it helps to build a solid foundation, and the exercises are designed to explore more about what has been introduced in the course.


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by Alejandro


M​e parece un gran curso y he aprendido muchísimo, pero no en cuatro semanas sino en cuatro meses.

by Alejandro F


A very good and very useful course. Congratulations and thanks to its developers for sharing this.

by sukrita p


Very concise course to get started with shell scripting. Well drafted and good exercise questions.

by Josué R G S M


If you want to learn the basis of Unix/GNU Linux, this course is for you. It won't dissapoint you!

by Adonis C


It's very intuitive, but you need some experience from another language or, at least, pseudocode.

by Алексей П


A very useful, well-written course!

Considered a wide range of possible uses of UNIX.

Thank you.

by Matthew A


A great overview of the Unix command line. Including a glimpse of software development with Git.

by Brian D G


This is a great course! I learned alot!! Thank you very much for making it available to me!!!

by Yohannes d


it's a helpful course someone who really need to know about Linux, git, shell script and cloud.

by Odette S Y D


The course was a very nice Introduction to Unix and Bash programming. I can only recommend!!!

by Arun V


Very good contents to learn the fundamentals of Unix along with Hands-on experience on Git Hub

by Abraham M L


Even if you are use programming this is a good recap and gives a nice idea about programming.

by Mrinmay B


It was a good course , helped me build confidence on UNIX and got familiarised with terminal.

by kashish m


I really liked the course structure. It was a brief and practical course. I enjoyed doing it.

by Tushar A


This course is very helpful for the begginers and will teach you everything from the scrach.

by Sebastian P


Excelente Curso, la verdad super util y con mucha practica para reforzar los conocimientos.

by Vanessa L O C


I really enjoyed taking this course! I had no experience using Unix and I learned a lot!

by Andreu C P


A well structured course that serves as a clear initiation to Unix. I will recommend it!

by Joel J


Very valuable course if you wish to learn the basics about command line tools on Linux

by Bruno A M


Great content with accessible language and good challenges. Will definitely recommend!

by Vaseekaran V


Great introductory course to learn UNIX/Linux commands and familiarize by using them.

by Jörg S


You really learn something by doing. And the provided learning path really makes fun.

by Ben Z


Great way to get an overview of the fundamentals of working with Unix-like computers

by Yang W


This course is a good starting point to get familiar with the unix system and how c

by Zixuan L


its pretty useful for beginner to take a look at unix shell, bash, and git command