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ルンド大学(Lund University) による Urban Nature: Connecting Cities, Sustainability and Innovation の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



How can we work with nature to design and build our cities? This course explores urban nature and nature-based solutions in cities in Europe and around the world. We connect together the key themes of cities, nature, sustainability and innovation. We discuss how to assess what nature-based solutions can achieve in cities. We examine how innovation is taking place in cities in relation to nature. And we analyse the potential of nature-based solutions to help respond to climate change and sustainability challenges. This course was launched in January 2020, and it was updated in September 2021 with new podcasts, films and publications. The course is produced by Lund University in cooperation with partners from Naturvation – a collaborative project on finding synergies between cities, nature, sustainability and innovation. The course features researchers, practitioners and entrepreneurs from a range organisations....




Excellent course I have learned alot about the importance of nature and how nature can be used as a solution for solving urban problems. Great experencie can't wait for the next course.



Excellent preparation and presentation of course materials, enthusiastic lecturers, good selection of case study and broad perspective on the subject-keep up the good work!


Urban Nature: Connecting Cities, Sustainability and Innovation: 26 - 50 / 123 レビュー

by Jessie A


Fun and informative, I'd recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about how to increase/improve nature based solutions in urban environments. The videos and case studies did a good job explaining problems, opportunities and possible solutions. The Urban Atlas, Citizen handbook and other guides can easily be used to keep the learning going.

by dag s


A lot of good educational stuff. But it felt to short and little when I got engaged in the subject. Now I have to find a new course - learn more. i bit tuff with language. Make sure that we can wiew all the projects, ,there are much to learn from each other. A minor set back is the failing map. A good change with videos, made the subject more vivid.


by Tautvydas B


It was a great learning experience, where I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in nature-based solutions, urban development and management, sustainable development and other related fields. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in urban planning, urban design, landscape architecture, architecture or geography.

by Shashank T


The amount of knowledge that is being shared is tremendous! I would like to have more case studies or examples of different cities. Also, a real-time project which we as students/learners can take up could be good as well. All in all, the course was excellently designed but there is room for more examples as stated above.

by Daniela N B


The course offered a really good overview of all most important aspects worth considering in the context of introducing and mainstreaming NBS systemically, involving all relevant sectors and stakeholders. It was a great pleasure going through this very well-put-together course and I have learned a lot. Thank you!

by Pirovich N M


Thank everyone who has been involved to bring me into the nature-based solutions' journey in cities around the world! It was an awesome experience to me!! Great staff, good videos, clear and detailed information. I think this course is also better than "Greening the Economy: Sustainable Cities".

by Manuel G


I want to say firstly : Tanks and Congratulations S this excelent course. The focus in NBS, its general knowledge and the practical aplications and the organization with all the material for lecture and videos , was of 5 points. Thanks and again: CONGRATULATION. www.indepes .org

by Efthymia S


Very interesting and up-to-date information on the latest research and praxis on Nature Based Solutions as a response to urban sustainability! Precious material and very interesting case studies! Hope to see more like this course on urban response to climate change!!

by hema m


HI, This course Urban Nature : Connecting cities, Nature and innovation has taught me how to plan urban wise according to the climatic condition , Social innovations, recreational solutions etc.. And this course has made my pandemic more useful and engaged. thanks.

by Guilherme B


Very in-depth and well-rounded set of lessons and readings. The Week 2 Peer Review Assignment was a nice challenge but could be moved to week 4 in order to help people have a better grasp of all the facets involving NBS. All in all, I would recommend this course.

by Himadri U


This is a must recommended course for Urban Nature lovers. Here you will learn how to apply Nature Based Solutions in an innovative way. A very interesting course from a great faculty. You will learn a lot as well as throughly enjoy the learning. Just go for it.

by Ayoka M


excellent course that challeged me a bit, but I enjoyed it thouroughly and cannot wait to implement what I learned. I want to thank all the professors and Naturvation... I say time to do the same in the caribbean as we have our own unique set of challenges.

by Jeanne P


I found this to be a very engaging and interesting course. It provided many ideas for opportunities for Citizen Engagement and Governance. I plan on being more involved in engaging my community on how to be involved in some small way in Urban Nature.

by Kalai S


T​he course was nicely framed with readings, videos and podcasts, which made the course interesting and informative. Problems and solutions across the globe were addressed. It was a good experience learning the course. Thank you!

by Samuele B


A very detailed study material and case study guide built with the Naturvation Project. If you are interested in Nature Based Solutions and new ways to innovate cities and urban life with nature this course is perfect for you!

by Mgter. A F A


Very interesting and educational course. I would have liked to learn more theory and authors of how the NATURVATION project was created, but i understand that it is not the main goal of hte course. Very nice experience!!!

by Michele


I really enjoyed the course! It is very informative and provides real examples that are helpful to build a broader image about nature-based solutions and how they are being implemented in some cities around the world.

by Lorelyn D


It is highly inspirational! As a person in public service, it gives me ideas on how to make use of my position to influence decision-makers to innovate our city towards urban nature planning!

I learned so much!



Es un excelente curso para comprender las dinámicas en las ciudades y las estrategias para poder integrar la naturaleza dentro de las urbes como herramientas de planificación. Totalmente recomendado!

by Ana M


E​l curso es bastante interesante ya que propicia una visión integral de los beneficios de las Soluciones Basadas en la Naturaleza así como múltiples formas de implementarlas en distintos contextos.

by Lorena C


The course was really cool and interesting, I learnt a lot about new methods to apply in my designs for new urban constructions. The ideas that the course brought to my mind were exceptional.

by Florencia J


A wonderful course for everyone who is interested in green-architecture. I really enjoyed to be part of this knowledge that provides me more tools to my career.

by Boris R


An Interesting Approach related to to this tactical action that help you to understand how we can turn our cities in resilient and sustainable places.

by Susana E


Thank you very much for providing a course that gathers innovative issues to consider for the planning and implementation of Nature-Based Solutions.

by Jackie M


I really enjoyed the variety of the information delivery, and the examples in the atlas and compendium were very useful. Thank you - great course!