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How can we work with nature to design and build our cities? This course explores urban nature and nature-based solutions in cities in Europe and around the world. We connect together the key themes of cities, nature, sustainability and innovation. We discuss how to assess what nature-based solutions can achieve in cities. We examine how innovation is taking place in cities in relation to nature. And we analyse the potential of nature-based solutions to help respond to climate change and sustainability challenges. This course was launched in January 2020, and it was updated in September 2021 with new podcasts, films and publications. The course is produced by Lund University in cooperation with partners from Naturvation – a collaborative project on finding synergies between cities, nature, sustainability and innovation. The course features researchers, practitioners and entrepreneurs from a range organisations....




Excellent course I have learned alot about the importance of nature and how nature can be used as a solution for solving urban problems. Great experencie can't wait for the next course.



Excellent preparation and presentation of course materials, enthusiastic lecturers, good selection of case study and broad perspective on the subject-keep up the good work!


Urban Nature: Connecting Cities, Sustainability and Innovation: 101 - 125 / 125 レビュー



Great Course. Lot of examples to refer, which are otherwise difficult find it on one platform anytime elsewhere. Detailed structuring for the week wise learning.

by In-Ho K


Peer review assignment placed in the second week seems to be an excellent arrangement. Providing the Urban Nature Compendium is another excellent arrangement.

by Juan C


I personally believe that the course provides you a broader vision of NBS and helps you know more about how to implement NBS in your city.



Its a great course to learn about the nature based solutions, their impacts, governing strategies and benefits to the society

by Diana B


Ver y Interesting to see how we really have to have a holistic approach and motivate those who are no yet oonboard

by MD. M L C


Nice to know about many different strategies and techniques of urban planning considering the environment. Thanks.

by Saurabh S


It was very informative course. I felt it could have been more detailed with some more interesting case studies

by Harrison S


A general introduction to sustainability if you're going to approach it on a professional level.

by Dyon T


I found the cource very usefull in my professional everyday work in Urban and rural planing

by Jef D P


It is a very interesting course and a good way to provide the course material.

by Patrick S


Nice course. I would appreciate more real cases to analyze and discuss.

by Maya M G


Relevant, dynamic, engaging and full of real life examples and cases.

by Jean B


Fun and insightful but a little disorganized

by Inca A


Would love to see more readings

by Sergent B


Nice this my passion

by arne n


My one gripe would be that while this indicates a lot of useful information and knowledge of regulatory organs that need convincing to support greening efforts, the general message isn't progressive/radical enough. Without requesting Greenpeace level activism, a little more potentially constructive ideas would be great, considering the vast majority of currently existing urban landscapes largely neglect green and blue solutions, apparently to an increasing degree simultaneously with population increase. instead of added splotches of green here an there, widespread and integrated long term solutions would effectively tip the scale in favor of not waiting for the electric revolution to turn cities into nice spaces again in 30-40 years. In addition, and this is possibly just me being a douche, while the presentation from the city of Berlin is likely made with good intent, the actual reality of being in that city is very different from entering one of the very few and far between green spaces neatly presented in the video. But, positivity is good.

by Rajashekhar S S


The course is different from others and refreshing to see new fields. When I took this course felt most of the content is repeated in videos. Even in every recording the background showing parks and other aspects are the same throughout hence bores the reviewer. All the content presented in this course is not much but due to repetition, it looks like too much content. So I suggest people increase content and while editing videos show more and different examples etc.

by Nina B


The course was definitely interesting and good in terms of context, however, I found it very frustrating that the readings and the video's were in fact the same! I found the Podcast less useful (I simply do not have the patience for it), but this is a personal preference. I really like that you ask questions during/after the video's.

by Rafik Y Y


Honestly speaking, I had higher expectations of this course. I was expecting more practical knowledge rather than theoretical info. I liked the last week because I felt that is was the most practical one. My recommendation for this course is to introduce more applications in earlier weeks (in week 3 for example)

by Naresh K G


The system of peer review is quite faulty. For the same submission, one person gives 6, other 1. It is all ad hoc and lowers the credibility of Coursera. Better system of evaluation is necessary.

by S P


Course is locked in between the session.Unable to get the certificate

by Derek D


not as in depth as i would have hoped but helpful none the less!

by Zeenat N


while I was enjoying the course, the week 4 quiz did not allow me the 3 attempts and signed me out. Despite paying again for the extension, the course did not allow me to complete either week 4 or 5 . So I am very disappointed

by Aubrey P


This course has more preaching than learning.



very theorical course, very repetitve, very useless