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While agile has become the de facto standard for managing digital innovation teams, many wonder if they’re doing it ‘right’. Twitter is full of jokes about how teams say they do agile but don’t ‘really’ do it. The reality is that getting the most out of agile is less about observing specific procedures and more about how a team focuses and measures their progress. Rather than just boring you with an accounting of agile methodologies, this course focuses on helping you better charter your team’s focus, definition of success, and practice of agile. While learning about agile mainstays like Scrum, XP, and kanban, you’ll also learn to help your team ask the right questions about how they’re working and facilitate good answers on how agile can help. This course is supported by the Batten Institute at UVA’s Darden School of Business. The Batten Institute’s mission is to improve the world through entrepreneurship and innovation:




I have learned new things about agile practices and it worth the time to take the course. Sometimes I had the impression that some subject are vague, but overall the course rised to the expectations



This course was Excellent. The Instructor is very engaging and kept my attention through all of the 4 weeks of class. The Assignment was extremely helpful in applying the learning to a project.


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This course is one of the best and most essential in Agile specialization as it gives detailed overview of the managing teams of product or project development. Especially those small talks with Agile veterans are such a great help for people like me to analyze where agile fits best.

by Elizabeth A


this course was so helpful, from the very informative videos to the guests with real life experience

working with the agile process.

, the discussion forums where other learners like me, got to talk about each weeks' course,

i am so glad i took this course. Thank you Alex Cowan!

by Estephany A S


Es un excelente complemento para la especialización de Agile Development. Alex explica las opciones y variantes que esta metodología tiene, presenta el panorama general entre Scrum, XP y Kanban y así uno puede tomar lo mejor de cada uno y aplicarlo en su entorno profesional.

by Margaret D


The course was great. I learned a lot, and Alex Cowan is an excellent instructor. However, the instructions for the peer-graded assignment were unclear and confusing, and I had to spend more time on creating my assignment and grading my peers' assignments than you allotted.

by Andreu M N


I totally recommend this course. Well prepared, interesting interviews done by Alex to several professional with well-known reputation, good explanations, and well-prepared exercises. It’s totally worth to invest your time and money if you want to start in Agile.

by Shivani B


The course covers all aspects of what all it takes to manage a team within an agile environment. Aspects of adhering to agile methodology and associated practises are evaluated in this. The overview draws more from real life scenarios than manifesto only.

by Natalja S


I liked the course. The scope was clear, the structure I liked and more valuable for me was sharing the experience from experts/real life cases. I found it as the most valuable for me. Different people have shared their view, their expertise. Thank you



Great course and the lectures were really good. Thanks Alex Cowan for giving a clear idea on how to Manage Agile team. Now on I will try to improve my skills on LDBM (Learning, deciding, Building, Managing) for building a self-motivated Agile team.

by George B


I found this course very useful for understanding how to manage a team when using agile and what different peoples roles and challenges are, which has been very useful in my current role working with a number of different Agile teams and LPO's

by Robert F


Very good overview. I like the real life conversations as a break from the lectures. Giving us a bit more picture of what is happening with the pros and little skits that you can kind of see what questions might come up withi

by Anna Y


Very informative course with a lot of practical cases. This course is not just about theory, it's all about practicing, practicing and practicing! Very intensive and very exciting course! Thanks a lot to lecturer and authors.

by Adel G


Thank you for such an exceptional learning experience, amazing Alexander Cowan and everyone who shared their agile knowledge in this course.

I very much appreciate the opportunity and the outcomes.

Kind Regards,

Adel Ghanayem

by Alejandro B


Great end for the whole specialization, focusing on the alignment towards the objectives and deep diving in the process methodologies such as XP within the integral team view. The example of Spotify is very inspiring.

by Gabriel T


Very well structured. I really enjoyed this part as it ties in a lot of things over this entire duration of learning agile. i would encourage others to take this course and learn some great industry insight from Alex.

by Ludovic M


Awesome course, excellent balance between theoretical & methodos + testimonial from professionals. Maybe a little bit more real-life example of successful products developed with the agile method would have been great

by Kasuntha M


Excellent course for the people with some idea of the subject field. Even for the beginners it can be fit if they can work bit hard. I highly recommend this course and thank you for the support throughout the course.

by Marie d K


Great course which helps a lot to put agile in perspective in different company/industry contexts. I feel I gained great insights on how to deal with upper management expectations for example. Highly recommended.

by Nazif J


I've just completed and passed 'Managing an Agile Team', a certification offered by University of Virginia. I'd like to thank Mr. Alex Cowan for his insightful and though provoking sessions throughout the course.

by Jayesh G


I found this course to be thorough with great inputs through a very realistic skits and professional practitioners sharing their own experiences from real project / product work. The pace and content is excellent

by Abhishek P G


Its one of the best course to use digital multimedia in modern teaching practices. Every student should do this course and apply concept of collaborative learning in Agile Thanks, team of course and Coursera.

by Agnita J


I enjoyed the class, learned so much, the information was timely. Involving experts in the field to share there knowledge was helpful as well. I liked the skits, the variety was unexpected and welcomed.

by Florin B


I have learned new things about agile practices and it worth the time to take the course. Sometimes I had the impression that some subject are vague, but overall the course rised to the expectations

by Ricardo R


I am very satisfied with the course I completed, in fact it was my first E-larning course and I was surprised by the structure, methodology, content and seriousness of Coursera and its partners.

by Ellie G


This course was Excellent. The Instructor is very engaging and kept my attention through all of the 4 weeks of class. The Assignment was extremely helpful in applying the learning to a project.

by Sanjeev B


Excellent Course covering the Basics of Agile Technology with practical examples on Business and related Models. A thorough analysis of ground-level challenges and potential solutions.