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Despite everyone's good intentions, hard work and solid ideas, too many teams end up creating products that no one wants, no one can use, and no one buys. But it doesn't have to be this way. Agile and design thinking offer a different--and effective--approach to product development, one that results in valuable solutions to meaningful problems. In this course, you’ll learn how to determine what's valuable to a user early in the process--to frontload value--by focusing your team on testable narratives about the user and creating a strong shared perspective. This course is supported by the Batten Institute at UVA’s Darden School of Business. The Batten Institute’s mission is to improve the world through entrepreneurship and innovation:



I absolutely recommend this course for everyone who really wants to develop their skill or want to learn new skills. this amazing course will assist you to understand the user in a more strategic way.


The course is very well designed & Alex has wonderfully explained the concepts very nicely...the pace of the course is fairly balanced...a big thanks to Alex and coursera for organizing this course


Agile Meets Design Thinking: 251 - 275 / 808 レビュー

by Estephany A S


Muy buen curso, está disponible ampliamente en español. Tareas claras y la orientación del profesor es muy precisa!

by Sairam K


The course was comprehensive enough. I was able to relate the concepts to things happening at my current workplace.

by Anirban B


This is one of the finest courses in Coursera. It helped me to learn how personas are created and how they help in

by Kasuntha M


Great course for beginners as well as for intermediates. Thank you for the immense support throughout the course.

by Xin D


This course bolstered my framework of project management. Thank you! Can't wait to apply this to my next project.

by Erick F N M


Great course and experience, everything was clean and clear with a story telling example, great and many thanks!

by Heonsub L


Great courses. It would be perfect if you give diverse example not only focusing on one or two business cases.

by Lesly V F p


for someone who didnt know anything about Agile, now I feel ready to start implementing Agile at work. Thanks!

by Kyle T


Teacher knew his stuff. Painted a full picture of how to START the Agile process. Great and insightful course.

by Kelby M


I am new to this mindset, so appreciated all of the detail and examples put together as part of this course.

by reza E


Thanks to Mr.Cowan and the great education methods of Coursera, this course was perfect and enjoyable to me.

by Claudia M d S


Great course, I have already done a design thinking training, but this course has enhanced my understanding.

by Tristan W


Great introduction to Agile principles and to the value of specific, humanized, and detailed user personas.

by Vaibhav S


This is very well designed course, especially for a beginner who has never used Agile methodologies before.

by Paul Z


Comprehensive, well presented course. Video content was engaging and credible. Loving learning new skills!

by Paolo D P


Alex Cowan is a great teacher and the course provides many useful practical insights on Agile techniques.

by Matrat R


Loved it! Content is great and form perfect for a deep glimpse into Agile and Design thinking.

Thank you!

by Jake B


Great introduction to newcomers, but also fills in gaps very nicely for those who have seen this before.

by Edqar A


Great course with real examples and rich exercises makes me learn deep techniques and get the knowledge.

by Dana S


I only have read books on Agile. This course has been very valuable in the months since I have taken it.

by Brandon F


Great course! Taught me a lot about user stories and how to look at problems from a user's perspective.

by Laura G


It a super good course for getting a better knowledge of Agile. I found it very useful and informative.

by Thomas v H


Nice overview of core topics within Agile with a step by step practical approach to really get started.

by Emmanuelle M


I really enjoyed the course and learned valuable new skills which are transferrable to non-IT project.

by Silvia A S M


Excelente curso, me ayudó bastante a entender los conceptos básicos de Agile y entender el framework.