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バージニア大学(University of Virginia) による Strategic Planning and Execution の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



Avoid the pitfalls of strategy planning and execution with the tools and skills from this course. In this course, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and taught by top-ranked faculty, you'll learn the pillars of strategy execution--analysis, formulation, and implementation--and how to use the 4A model to effectively approach strategy execution. Finally, a panel of leaders from entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and industry, share their expertise gleaned from years of successful strategy planning and execution....




I must recommend this to those who want to understand the Strategy Planning and its Execution. This course helps them a lot to understand the basic structure of developing a strategy.



Amazing to see all the sharings from different successful people starting from all those CEOs, chairman, CFO, dean. All great to listen and understand more of real life experiences


Strategic Planning and Execution: 51 - 75 / 125 レビュー

by Derek G


This was an excellent course from a content standpoint. I loved the lectures and hearing from all of the different experts in the field. It really has helped me to think more strategically. The one drawback to the class was the final project. There was very little guidance as to the scope of what we should do. Some students did 3 pages. Some did 25 pages. I would have liked to see an example assignment of what is expected.

by Marcelo T L


Excellent course, with great content. It worths every minute and will refresh and review some concepts about strategy formulation, implementation, and execution, widening your view over other possible tools to use.

by Andrew F


Useful practical perspectives.

This course didn't seem as refined as the previous modules; with a lack of case studies or a robust explanation of tools.

Also no example assessment which is helpful for reference.

by John K


The skills have learned in this course is to become a strategic decision maker. The course suits me for being an IT Manager working in the organization I work for and it will help me face challenges in my everyday job. This requires me to address the issues on day-to-day basis and make better strategic decisions at a very fast pace. This course has provided me with the knowledge to conduct analysis, solve problems for the organization and strategize on decision making to achieve better business value.

This Strategic Planning Skills course has taught me to become an innovator, a persuasive player, and a champion of strategic decision making. The course has helped me gain the knowledge and skills to conduct SWOT analysis, leverage key prospects for strategic opportunities, and inspire risk taking and innovation. This course has provided me with the essential skills to add value to the organization and move the team forward decisively.

by Claudia R G



I enjoyed the course. It helps having 3 professors teaching the course. Also, I liked the questions that popped in the videos.

The information included about the course mentioned 3 to 5 hours weekly. It takes more time.

For example, the materials for week 4 are longer than for the previous week. Suggestion: the materials for week 4 should de assign for 2 weeks instead of 1.

Furthermore, the hours to develop the assigments and peer review takes much longer than 3 hours. Suggestion: assign more hours.

I got confused with the due dates thinking it was the 23 of June instead of the 20. Wanted to send a message by chat but couldn't. I took quite a bit of time resolving the problem because needed to revise 2 more projects to finish.

Thank you very much!!

by Rene W


A great hands on way of reviewing existing strategies and business plans and find angles to reactivate or adjust plans, with a divers toolbox, within and before the execution phase

by Mariam A H ( S G - I A H


Excellent course which enhance your critical thinking starting Defining strategy till implementation






by Ted K


Provides a good basic knowledge of "how to achieve a goal". This needs structure, analysis, plan.

by Matthew R


Excellent well structured course with useful examples and clear instructions

by Mohammed A M B


It is a wonderful course. It is very useful practical and focused.

by Darius S


Very important course for strategic planning and execution

by Mohamed M


Really great course with tons of learnings

by Abhinandan B


it gave more inside thoughts of a company

by Alvaro F


Great great course!! THank you very much!

by Chaw S T Z


A Great Course to have Strategic Works.

by Lucy M


Well explained with real life scenarios

by Yusuf A


A very detailed and interesting course.

by Dr. M S


I really liked the videos and tools.

by Anubhav V


Very Insightful and a very vast topic

by Ignacio S S


Excellent information and trainning!

by Vitor C


Great course, teacher and content.



Its very good and useful course

by Marcello B


Great course, great teachers.

by Hatim M S


Very Good Insights and tools.

by Gurpriit M


This course is very helpful.