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Start creating your world. A game world is not just a backdrop for your game—be it minimal or detailed, contained or part of a much bigger universe, it provides the context for your player. Ultimately, a game world should feel alive and wholly unique to any player who will experience it. In this course, we will explore game worlds in existing games and study the art and influences that inform their themes and styles. We will also investigate key components of environment and level design as well as strategies designers use to define gameplay or advance it. We’ll also look at navigation and the elements that make your world as real (or unreal) as you want it to be. A weekly challenge will prompt you to explore styles and inspirations for possible game worlds, and you’ll learn effective ways to communicate your ideas from concepts to presentation-worthy proofs of concept....




i really loved this course. it inspired me to be more innovative and think out of the box. it changed my mindset a lot. so thanks to my instructor and my peers. your words meant a lot to me.



This is a fantastic course to run your imagination to it's top! You can built your own game world and show it to other students. The learning curve is definitely improving with this course!


World Design for Video Games: 126 - 150 / 185 レビュー

by E. C C


Really enjoyed this class. I am a very visual person and this class was much more fun and a bit easier as I could express my ideas visually much more easily than If I had to write everything down.

by Barış E


This course is helpful if you are a beginner in game design. It's helping for idea creation, development, and publishing process. I'm giving it 4 stars because I would like more details added.

by Fraser R


Excellent source material, took a bit of time to get round the tutors wording of what was being asked, but the tasks overall were really good fun and interesting to play with.

by Mario S


Great course! I love how they bring techniques and concepts from other disciplines like gardening, teacher, and ballet that are super useful for world and level design.

by 王恺越


The assignments are great but the videos don't seem well organized for me. They are just a bunch of tips for world designing and are not systematic.

by Juan D M


Very intresting and fun, learned a lot. I just wish there´d be more examples of finished designers worlds and how they look like.

by Emil M


It's a pretty great course, it shows the basics of worldbuing and from there we can start exploring the deepness of this topic.

by juan j á s


The teacher is a litlle abstract. Maybe he would improve himself if he would give more tangible things, as methods.

by Regina P


The only problem are the peer reviews; most of the time I only receive one word reviews, or no criticism at all.

by Fabricio N B


I really enjoyed the course.

Opened my eyes for many things that I didn't gave much though while design my games.

by Lu M


The teacher guided us to the basic of game world design. Give us the material of how to design the game world.

by Diego


Very useful to develop worlds and enviroments, not only for videogames, but for all kind of media.

by Haniya H


This was a best course , well explained and made me learn a new skill hank you soo much calarts

by Juan C L R


I very basic, I would like to learn how to create a deeper world but still I loved the course



Contents were short and great but some tools and practicle s/w should be introduced in it.

by sebastian c


i really like the material, i feel that i learning the basic of video game development

by Alex M


Good course content. However, the classes feel a little short for such a long topic.

by Zheng L


cool class, I`ve learned some principles to create game world from this class

by Julian A


You could improve it a little more making the videos more dynamic.

by Aaron S


I had good assignments, but less content than I expected.

by Deiverson


Excelent! But I miss the interaction with the teacher.

by Jatin G


Great course, really helped me shape my game world.

by Petros K


great and informative course :) really enjoyed it

by Zineb B


Really valuable and informative course.

by Ahmed E


it is useful but very very basics