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The capstone will develop a professional-quality web portfolio. Students will demonstrate the ability to design and implement a responsive site for a minimum of three platforms. Adherence to validation and accessibility standards will be required. The evolving student implementations will be reviewed each week by capstone peers and teaching assistants to make sure that the student keeps up with the agenda of the course. Upon completion of this course students will feel comfortable creating and/or updating existing front-end sites, utilizing existing frameworks, and testing sites for accessibility compliance. This course is only open to students who have completed the first four courses in the Web Design for Everybody specialization: Introduction to HTML5, Introduction to CSS3, Interactivity with JavaScript, and Advanced Styling with Responsive Design....




Whoa! I finally completed it! Thanks to the Professor and teaching staff for all the help! This is a fabulous course and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in web development. :)



pretty awesome and practical course, i did the edx course by wwc and now this one and it has really helped me understand and feel more confident in what im doing...thanks University of Michigan!


Web Design for Everybody Capstone: 51 - 75 / 355 レビュー

by Su S


I'm very proud of myself after completing this course. I'm completely new to coding field but in this course i gained a knowledge about Web design and coding. Thank you.

by Lupu S


I am very happy that I was finally able to get my first "specialization"! I thank the teachers for their work and I wish them God's blessings. Take care my dear friends!

by Vidisha M


Thank you so much for providing this course. I feel so confident to know I can design a website and understand other people's code. I am grateful and thank you so much.

by Nguyễn S T


The course is also perfect, I can take my time to practice and do my project. The teacher also gives me many things to help me complete the course. Thank you so much!

by Kazi H R


An absolute goldmine for anyone with no prior knowledge of HTML,CSS and JavaScript to gain a solid foundation to take a small step towards web design and development

by Cora O


Great way to end the Web Design for Everybody specialisation! Now that I have created my first website I feel much more confident about my ability to code.

by Ahmed A


I would advise not to take this course unless you are ready and willing to give in time and effort because it simply boils down to 'make a website'

by Lakshitha V K


This course help me to learn and polish my web design skills. The course content are easy to understand and extra materials really be helpful.

by Alexandre M M P


the course is very good and it helps to have a web base, thanks for the guidance and tips throughout the course. the learning continues...

by Daniele S B


Great course! I had no experience in Web Design or Web Development and this course was the best way to enter this new world. Recommended!!

by l T


If you spend some time through practicing basics later you can master much more complicated topics.

Blind and drunk Kung fu master ... :)

by suraj c


It is the most important part of the whole course where you will make your own website and learn from others' website while reviewing.

by kaboha j m K


I learnt a lot in the process and it was quite practical and hands-on. My gratitude goes to Coursera and the University of Michigan.

by Adarsh K N


Amazing course and specialization!!! Gives you all the freedom to develop your own personalized portfolio!!! Totally enjoyed it!!!!!

by Marina S


Just a perfect teacher, who gave me a power to believe in myself and tough me all about Web-Design in a very easy-going manner!

by Ásïm A


This specialization is very good. Even a 4 year old can understand the videos & start designing websites. Thank you Coursera.

by Emoghena I


I learnt alot. The constant reminder to practice serves as an alarm to me each day. Great course and contents for beginners.

by Anock m


This course has been so great. It has provided me with practical knowledge and skills on website designing and development.

by Shashi K P


Wonderful Course ,Professor Colleen is a wonderful professor .Thanks for providing this great learning opportunity !

by Nipun S


Awesome Course, Get to know how to building the website. One of the best place to get started in web Development.

by Digamber S


I learn many things in the web development field. Really nice taught by Collen mam. Thanks, mam ones more time

by Muhammad A H


It was great experience for me ..i never thought that i can do this but this all happen because of you .

by Ritesh K s


very good instructor she teaches us very well .I am able to under from the beginning. thank you ma'am

by Claudia E


definitely needed to finish the full course and to apply all that theory, i felt super creative lol

by Douglas Y


The course is very well structured and gives clear guidance through the project development stages.