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Ever wondered why some things become popular, and other don't? Why some products become hits while others flop? Why some ideas take off while others languish? What are the key ideas behind viral marketing? This course explains how things catch on and helps you apply these ideas to be more effective at marketing your ideas, brands, or products. You'll learn how to make ideas stick, how to increase your influence, how to generate more word of mouth, and how to use the power of social networks to spread information and influence. Drawing on principles from his best-selling book, "Contagious: Why Things Catch On," Professor Jonah Berger illustrates successful strategies for you to use buzz to create virality so that your campaigns become more shareable on social media and elsewhere. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of how to craft contagious content, build stickier messages, and get any product, idea, or behavior to catch on....




Educational and eye opening, the instructor offered amazing content with examples and links to further look into the topics mentioned. A great tool to have for anyone in business, sales, or marketing.



Very good information and offered in a relatable manner. Disapointed that quizzes still weren't effective for audit users. Maybe have a quiz for just for audit users, such as 3-5 questions vs the 10.


Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content: 376 - 400 / 1,555 レビュー

by Ayush U M


The skills which I learn from this are really awesome!!! It helps me a lot in my startup. I personally want thanks, professor Jonah Berger. :)

by Suresh D


A lot of useful new information in a nutshell. Now, I can always go back and refer it when I design a content or device a marketing strategy.

by Johanna Z


Thanks for logic explanations. They were so easy to follow that I didn't even have to study for the tests, as everything made perfect sense :)

by Carlos L


Professor Berger is undoubtedly one of the greatest experts in social influence and viral marketing, this has been one of my favorite courses.

by Daniele M


Very interesting course, provider you a bunch of tools to understand how an idea, a product or a service can be promoter to guarantee success.

by Shweta J


Very easy to understand and really interesting. Enjoyed doing this course alot and it helped me develop my skill set in many ways. Thank you!

by António D F


Super interesting, easy to follow and the professor explains the subject in a claer, motivational way. Skills that will help develop careers.

by Gwyneth ( H


This course was great! I really enjoyed Professor Berger's lectures and all of his fun examples. I would definitely recommend this to others.

by Paras A


Superb feeling!

My first course completed online and I am sure that I will be able to use things taught by Professor Jonah. Thanks a lot Prof!

by David H V


Mr. Berger it's a excellent teacher. Very clear, great examples. Even though english it's not my native lenguage, it was very understandable.

by Armand R


I didn't expect this topic to be this interesting! Fantastic course! All of the lectures are themselves wonderfully...............contagious!

by Clarisse


Excenent class for an overview of how things work with contagious content. I feel comfortable creating my tweets to gain likes and re-tweets.

by RJ


Great course to understand how ideas spread through social network.

Professor Berger's style is very engaging and keeps wanting to learn more.

by Moha-Nur H


I loved this course, it's not easy to make your content go viral, but this course make it look easy and simple. More thanks to the lecturer.

by Phuoc B


This course just open a whole new world of marketing for me. I learned so much more about crafting content based on human behavior analysis.

by AM


Have also read your book - this was a pleasing refresher. I was hoping for more pictures of the examples and stories you gave. All the best.

by Benjamin


Muy buen curso, toca temas importantes en la industria. Además da claves para hacer que un producto o servicio sea contagioso y tenga éxito.

by Richard K A


Great introductory course to creating sticky,viral content. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to know about creating cut-through content.

by Madhulika S


Thankyou so much for this Valuable lesson , It helped me both Professionally & Personally , Thankyou Professor Jonah Berger :) , Grateful .

by Hussein O


Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn this course. I enjoyed every process of learning. Well detailed and interesting examplesnd

by Ananda Z


I love this course since it's align with my interest but also help me to widen knew knowledge to fullfill my assignment, Thank you so much

by Tatiana D


Amazing course! Everything is simple, structured, easy to understand, with a lot of great examples. And no fillers! Only info you can use!

by Barbara B


The content is extremely clear with lots of exemples and we can easily apply what we've learnt to our own context. Great training, thanks!

by Mayara F


Muito bom. Aprendi muita coisa nova e diferente. Obrigada pela oportunidade e conteúdo do curso! Sinceramente vou fazer vários outros!!!!

by Ranjit S


I love the whole idea about this course. I have learnt more ideas and skill regarding marketing and contagious content. Much appreciated!