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ペンシルベニア大学(University of Pennsylvania) による Corruption の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



You can't understand the world today if you don't understand corruption. Every day, we see high-level government officials resigning, governments changing, hundreds of thousands of people standing in squares, holding up signs, and often risking their lives to protest the corruption in the world. It's critically important to the health of our societies to understand what people are protesting against. We want to understand corruption. This course is designed to teach you about what corruption is, what causes corruption, the effects of corruption, and how to control corruption. We'll be talking about this from a global perspective using examples from all over the world. We'll also be talking about corruption from the perspective of countries, governments, businesses, citizens, and the people within these entities. At the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of why the world is changing according to the path of corruption. If you're in a position to make changes within your respective entity, to make decisions about corruption, you'll be able to make better decisions....



I loved this course. It helped me to get a greater view at the real issue behind corruption. The last assignment really made me think about the subject and dive in to give it my best. Thank you!


Superb course. I learned about the cause and the effects of corruption. As a forensic investigator, this helps me in understanding the causes of corruption and financial crimes. Thank you.


Corruption: 101 - 113 / 113 レビュー

by alex s


Very good class and the paper was the best part. Not only to sum up what I had learned but learn about other countries problems in this area.

by anita s


The course is very relevant and well designed. However the course name should be changed to include the impact of corruption.

by Giannis R


Very interesting course and professor Nichols is very likeable. The one thing I would improve is the quality of the notes.

by Robert C


pretty good overview ...... getting a good understnding of the definition is important.

by Gabrielle D


The class is excellent but the certificate is too expensive.

by Hamed Q


I Enjoyed more with interesting materials and discussions

by kousay a


An outstanding addition to your MBA education!

by Suresh K P P


Excellent course to learn about corruption.

by Stéphane C


Interesting course on an essential topic.

by Jean-Charles F


Great course - thank you !

by Daniel H


I would have been great to have more examples of the different types of corruption, the analysis to fight it and the solutions behind it. A case-study method I believe is optimal for this subject.

by Jessica D


Professor was a bit lacking in enthusiasm. Good content, but not an engaging delivery.

by M


I found the course to be quite shallow. It focused too much on the overall negative effects of corruption (which I would assume is something most of the people interested in taking this course are already familiar with) and did not spend much time exploring solutions or innovative ways to address cases of deeply rooted corruption in both businesses and institutions. The course was not bad, but it was far from being a resource I would deem to have been useful in preparing me for dealing with future manifestations of corruption.