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Learn to analyze and improve business processes in services or in manufacturing by learning how to increase productivity and deliver higher quality standards. Key concepts include process analysis, bottlenecks, flows rates, and inventory levels, and more. After successfully completing this course, you can apply these skills to a real-world business challenge as part of the Wharton Business Foundations Specialization....




Great Instruction by Prof Christian - very lucid and with real world examples. Learning a business skill is mostly learning observation.. Now I know what to observe when looking for productivity!



I found this course to be very informational; the practice and homework were excellent to prepare for the exams, and the instructor covered all material in the lectures that was on the exams.


Introduction to Operations Management: 26 - 50 / 533 レビュー

by Trent B


slides didn't match lectures

by Brian G


Several problems were not explained well. The Quizzes (which do not count toward final grade) did not provide the solutions - which would have allowed me to try and work the problem backward to find the solution. I understand not providing the test/assessment answers for integrity reasons, but not providing the answers in the quizzes only perpetuates the ignorance. The instructor's accent and verbiage use cased confusion. When definitions are defined by the use of a single word or another this can lead to lots of lost time and frustration. This is understandably a by-product of English not being their first language, they must be more careful in their discussions to avoid this in the future.

by Samuel B


Good content, but poor overall presentation and confusing HWs / tests. Would not recommend.

by Natalia B


If there was zero stars, this course would get it!

Operations Management is a terrible course for beginners! I struggled a lot, as well as many other students. It is not an Introduction to Operations Management; it is designed for people who already have some knowledge in the field. I am not just saying that the course is difficult; I am saying that it is almost impossible to solve all the tests correctly without having some external help.

The quality of the course is very poor; both the sound and presentations was not user friendly. I barely learned anything because it was energy and time consuming even to understand what Professor was saying. Additionally, there were no explanations of how to get answers on slides. The topics and tasks on the lesson are not connected to homework assignments or final tests. You also have to have a good idea of how to use Excel.

I do not recommend anyone to take this course. It needs to be updated and changed completely!

It is very disappointing that the university with a good reputation can be okay with such a course.

by Nuno R


The lectures are ok and you think.. "Hey I got this!." Little you know....

The tests/quizzes and the final exams for each week have NOTHING to do with the lectures. This is clearly a cash grab to attract students to Wharton with the promise of a great education. If you're not a Operations Management student already, and if you are not in the field doing professional work in this area, then forget about it. 10h of study will turn into 100s of hours of trying to figure out the quizzes and exams to no avail.

The forum mentors rarely help, rather confuse even more by giving answers (or hints) that have nothing to do with the lectures.

The sample problems and questions are completely different from the mentors answers and different from the lectures which leads to even more confusion.

I've taken several other courses and specializations at Coursera (over 50 courses) and this is the WORSE course I ever experienced.


by Arash A


Very poor designed course. I believe there are a lot of refinement required. Also, the logistics are not clear: Homework + Final each week???? And as learner you must go and check every thing everywhere in the course. The course material are all over the place and even some of the problems in the homework and final don't have an example, so good luck on passing the quizzes in 2 attempts (yes! questions are very tricky). And I believe since 2012 the instructor could spend more time to refine the course to add value to the student ... It didn't occurred to me.

by Prakash G


The material in this course is challenging, but the professors communication makes it overly complicated. Wording on homeworks and exams are very confusing

by Edward T


Wonderful course. The professor is a German who obviously has a great nature and intuition for efficiency and reduction of waste. You will go through the many different concepts of operations management, including processing times, process capacities, bottlenecks, process utilization, labor utilization, labor content, and OEE. You will be connecting this all to the Toyota Production System, which you will learn was a wonderful innovation on top of Frederick Taylor's initial pioneering of scientific management. This inspired me to make my own work flows more lean and you will see that modern software development actually gets much of its project management methodology from the "Kanban" system of the Japanese. The problems are appropriately challenging, and you will not just zoom through them like you do with other Coursera courses. He makes a good challenge to really make you rethink whether you truly comprehended the concepts!

by Amy S


Incredible introduction to Operations and integral concepts for business functions outside of Operations. Having absolutely no prior statistics or probability theory education/knowledge, this course established said concepts through direct and easily understood practice problems and examples. Professor Terwiesch presents coursework clearly, providing visual working examples as he goes through the problems. I must say that professor Terwiesch is the only instructor yet whose humorous commentary contributed tremendously to the course content.

For me, there is nothing more exciting than productivity and efficiency. This course taught introductory methods for quantifying efficiency, establishing opinions and observations, and using said observations to further make efficient the process. A genuinely exhilarating insight into business processes.



I would like to thank Professor Christian Terwiesch for conducting such great course. Course content was very helpful for knowledge building. PDF shared after each week was helpful to recall and revise already learnt concepts. All the assignments and exams are very well designed. Thank you very much Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Coursera for such great Initiative. I have learned the basics of operation management through this course and I am ready to apply the concepts of operation management in future work projects.

by Aarav P


Amazing and very well thought out course! Professor Terwiesch was very thorough in his lectures and gave many real-life examples and expiriments for easy understaning. The practice after each module was extremely helpful in letting me recall and practice the skills learned. Thank you very much Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Coursera for such great Initiative. I would highly reccomend this course to anyone considering learning about Operations Management.

by Timour A E E


Very well thought out. Clear, precise and rich in content. There are plenty of excercises to practice. I mean, in each module, so each week, you have a detailed review session (with generally 3 to 4 exercices with on average 3 questions each) followed by 2 other exercices on video followed by a homework session (generally 3 exercices with 3 questions each) and then the exam for the week. This is a great opportunity to practice and I really enjoyed it.

by Clifford H


I loved how the professor made his examples as practical as possible. I have now learnt some lean tools i can safely apply in real life. I had some few issues as to which format to present certain answers especially for those questions that were silent as to which answer formats were required (whether in decimals or percentages). All in all it was a great course. I look forward to completing other courses in the Business Foundations Specialization.

by B C


A bit frustrating not to have the correct answers of the test when we fail, but it pushed me to redo them again and again until I figure out what the correct answer is. This is actually the best way of understanding and remembering the course content.

I really enjoyed doing this course as I discovered new knowledges and skills I had overheard before but never taken the time to learn.

Great course! I highly recommend.

by micah a


I really enjoyed the content of this course. The various aspects of operational optimization were explained very clearly and in an engaging manner. My only reservation about this course was how difficult the quizzes and homework were at time––especially in comparison to the relatively more straightforward in-class examples. All that being said, I am very glad I was exposed to this content. Thank you very much!

by Jessica K


I thought this class was really well balanced, structured, and timed. My only constructive feedback is that the homework and exams are sometimes much more difficult than the practice/review questions, and there is no way to understand what we get wrong and why. After course completion, any documents that could be sent to users to explain the homework and exam questions would be extremely helpful!

by Hancheng L


A very interesting and informative course, each chapter filled with real-life examples and experiments for easy understanding, even if you don't have any previous knowledge on economics/management. Prof. Terwiesch is really good, delivering the knowledge very concisely, with a health dose of humor about his "broken" English pronunciation (well not really). Overall a very solid course! Thank you!

by Lestari


This course really help me a lot understanding operations world, from process analysis, inventory, KPI tree, ROI, Defect, six sigma and control chart to Jidoka concept. It covers all. The best operations course so far! I strongly recommend this course for any individual who would like to improve operations process to support Sales revenue or just learn about things in operations.

by Pyro W


The Professor was diligent and most excellent. It was clear he structured the information and lectures for the learner to fully grasp the subject. Challenging concepts with practice and various application made it less overwhelming. I look forward to future engagement and expansion on Ops Management. A myriad of opportunities for lean principles to be applied and identified.

by Akmal A K


This is a very intensive real practise orientated course. Completing it is rather challenging but my first feeling after having just done it - it has been the most intensive and useful course I have taken on Coursera (Now I am a step away from completing my third Specialization on Coursera). Many thanks to Professor Terwiesch Highly recommend this course.

by Surojit D


This is an Introduction to the world of Operations management. The best thing about this course is that it goes in depth of almost every topic it touches upon. This course emphasizes on quality material and lucid explanation. The class hours are really interesting and the assignment are equally challenging. I'm glad I got a chance to study from the best.

by Jean G


This is a great course. I am the CEO/Owner of an aviation repair and overhaul company and I can put many of the concepts to use right away. We already use Kanban, but we don't have a way to measure the variability in our processes and to identify assignable causes. The course has given me great ideas. Thank you professor Terwiesch. Vielen Dank.

by Mrityunjay M B


This is probably the best course I have done on Coursera. It has a detailed and organised syllabus and focusses on basics. The best part about the course is that it does not test using MCQs. It gives situational problems which really tests our understanding and thus in that way help in the development of problem-solving skills and concept clarity.

by Felipe R


Awesome Awesome guys! I am a big fan of Wharton University. I am in Rio de Janeiro, paradise beaches with my parents and this was the course I enjoyed and made me out of the see...

yeah... and definitely I will never ever in my life miss a bottleneck until the end of my existence kkkk

I look forward to wrapping the other courses... All the best!

by Andrew H


Great course. The instructor is great with just the right mix of seriousness and humor. The material seems applicable to the real world and lays a foundation for improving operations. There is some statistical understanding needed for the last week, but nothing I couldn't research myself and pick up before the course was over. Thanks!