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An introduction to the main themes of the American Constitution—popular sovereignty, separation of powers, federalism, and rights....



Jan 07, 2017

Awesome!! Even for a History major like myself it was incredibly thought provoking and extremely well taught. I only wish every American received this level of instruction on The Constitution.


Mar 22, 2019

this course has given me the great view of Written constitution of USA and how my country India Constitution took this model WRITTEN constitution from USA and has implemented similarly


America's Written Constitution: 1 - 25 / 63 レビュー

by Paul O

Jul 16, 2019

I found the professor to be not only a poor and awkward speaker, who fumbled and rambled through the videos, but also overly romantic, jingoistic, and apologetic about the history surrounding the formulation of the United States. While the Constitution is obviously an important stepping stone along the way to the broader (yet imperfect) expression of democracy we enjoy today, that is no reason to glamorize it, its writers, or the circumstances of its ratification as above criticism; nor does it excuse the racism and sexism inherit in its ratification because of the "context" in which it was written.

This type of glorification and casual dismissal of foundational flaws in our founding document due to "context" only serves to propagate and justify further racism, sexism, and inequality, and is not up to the standards that I look for in a course about constitutional law. A token acknowledgment of these bedrock inequalities does not dismiss the continuing impacts that they are having on our country today; they are the fundamental cause of the inequalities that we see today.

I got maybe four videos in before I flipped off the screen. Despite his uncomfortable delivery, I don't question the professor's broader knowledge about the subject (I was actually willing to sit through the awk for several videos to glean the info.) I also don't want to infer that I watched the whole course before making a full assessment, but his editorializing on the subject this early on was too much for me to disregard, and was a strong indicator that I had to say no to the rest of the course.

by Camilo N C

Jul 02, 2019

I was expecting for more legal information to be delivered. I think it was to historically oriented

by Md A

Jun 07, 2019


by Michal M

Apr 26, 2019

A well-structured, engaging course. I enjoyed every segment of this course, even the assessments.

by Akhila r G

Mar 22, 2019

this course has given me the great view of Written constitution of USA and how my country India Constitution took this model WRITTEN constitution from USA and has implemented similarly

by racheal h

Mar 09, 2019

I've learned a lot. I thank Prof. Akhil Reed Amar for good thought provoking Videos, discussions and his book "America's Constitution" which I purchased and continue to read. The essays I found hard it had been many years. However I learned some word and did the best I could, now I have added a new objective to learn word and essay writing. Thank you for opening my eyes to the founders and this great document called "The Constitution".

by Hipólito R R G

Feb 20, 2019

Extraordinario e interesante. Good Job. Thank you.

by Ashrujit B

Feb 14, 2019

A wonderful, engaging and accessible journey through the written words of the American Constitution. If taken by itself, it empowers the student who diligently grapples with it, a clear and concise understanding of not only the American Constitution, but also of the great animating principles that made such a remarkable document historically and materially possible. If taken with its companion course, it makes constitutional scholars of us all, a desirable virtue in an age where the nature and direction of the American project is argued with passion from all ends of the political and legal spectrum.

by S. J W

Sep 09, 2018

Most enjoyable and informative course on OUR Constitution. Every American, or every person curious about the longevity of the U.S. system of governing, should take this course. I have saved text and refer to frequently.

Considering taking the course again next year.

by Philip D T

Jul 04, 2018

Great course and an excellent start in understanding Federal Government.

by Richard H

Apr 09, 2018

REally Superb, great concepts and breakdowns by the Professor.

by 知薇 朱

Feb 03, 2018

A nice, inspirational course.

by Catherine L

Oct 17, 2017

This course and Professor Amar gave me incredible perspective on the origins and meaning of the US Constitution. I wish every US citizen would take this course and anyone interested in what it takes to create and hold a democracy. I am looking forward the sequel America's Unwritten Constitution.

by Акимов О

Sep 20, 2017

Very interesting course

by Jason C

Aug 18, 2017

I found this course to be informative, concise, and very understandable. Professor Amar is an excellent communicator and his obvious enthusiasm for the U.S. Constitution is evident in his lectures. I will be moving on now to the Unwritten Constitution and look forward to learning more about this national treasure.

by Maartje v M

Aug 14, 2017

Very interesting course. I learnt a lot. Also about the American history. Very nice that this course is given by Professor Amar. He speaks with a lot of passion for this subject.

by Ericka B

Jul 18, 2017

Great complementary courses, learned a lot from both the written and unwritten parts of the course

by Rick B

Jul 13, 2017

Very informative. The professor's knowledge and enthusiasm shines through; however, I wish he would work a bit on his presentation, which includes too many ums and ahs and other speech habits. Once you get used to it, after a couple of lectures, you can kind of block them out. Other than that, I enjoyed enhancing my understanding of the constitution, its development, and transformations.

by Roy S

Jul 09, 2017

Outstanding course, motivated and dedicated professor eager to teach what he loves. I learned a great deal from this course and hope many others will take it to learn more about the law of our land. The videos were excellent, and the supplementary information was extremely helpful. I love the format of this course, and the presentations tied into a textbook. I highly recommend this course to all US Citizens!

by Chandra V R

Jun 11, 2017

Amazing course with a very well balanced and non political approach to providing very fundamental insights into the American Constitution. Would look forward tot taking more courses offered by Professor Amar

by Rachael W

May 16, 2017

Pretty good course. A little disorganized, but overall very informative.

by Ahmer J K

May 13, 2017

Excellent course! Would love to take more such courses by Professor Akhil Amar and Yale.

by Dunyamali B

May 12, 2017

Absolutely great professor, marvelous methods of study and providing by Coursera is too sufficient. Thanks Coursera for such a sacred academician.

by Peter H

May 09, 2017


by Chappell C I

Apr 24, 2017

i'm the whole constitution lil' July 4, 1776. 21 st century realization moment.