1-1 Introduction to the MUI course

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Welcome to the 1st block: an Introduction to Urban Infrastructures. In this block we will start by exploring the key challenges faced by urban infrastructures (1-2), and then we will learn about the main urban infrastructure systems (1-3), and their main dimensions (1-4). Finally, Mr. Vincent Lusser will provide us with a practitioner’s perspective on urban infrastructures (1-5). To complete this block, first watch the five videos, and visit the discussion forum where other learners and our TA team will answer any questions and facilitate a debate on the concepts treated in the section. After watching the videos, make sure to read the reading assigned for the block. In it, you will find a summary of the lecture content, and an illustrative case study of the urban infrastructure challenges facing Mexico City, the largest urban agglomeration in the Western hemisphere. Finally, when you feel ready, complete the quiz “What did I learn in Block 1?” to assess your knowledge, and Short Answer Assignment 1, to apply what you have learned to your own city.



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