3-1 Introduction to urban energy infrastructures

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Welcome to the 3rd block: an Introduction to Urban Energy Management. We now move into the two last blocks, which deal with specific urban infrastructure systems, in this case, the urban electricity system. First we will be introduced to urban energy infrastructures (3-1), we will then move on to understanding urban electricity systems (3-2). We will then learn how to manage urban electricity systems (3-3) and discover what challenges and opportunities must be confronted (3-4). Finally, an interview with Mr. Thierry Clement, from Veolia, will provide us with the perspective of a leading utility firm (3-5). After watching the five videos in this block, visit the discussion forums to solve your doubts or express your thoughts on the lecture content. In the 3rd block reading you will find a summary of the lecture content, and an illustrative case study exploring the transition towards a sustainable urban energy system in Copenhagen. Finally, test your knowledge of the block’s concepts in the quiz “What did I learn in Block 3?”, and answer Short Answer Assignment 3 and discover the urban electricity system in your city.



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