4-1 Introduction to urban transportation systems

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Welcome to the 4th block: an Introduction to Urban Transport Management. In this block, we will study the ever-important urban transportation system. We will begin with an introduction to urban transportation systems (4-1), and then we will learn how to manage urban transportation systems (4-2). Prof. Robert E. Paaswell, from the City University of New York, will lecture us on the challenges of managing urban transport (4-3), and Mr. Beat Muller, from CarPostal, will complement Prof. Paaswell’s views, but from the practitioner perspective (4-4). Finally we will address the broader challenges of urban transportation (4-5), and conclude the MOOC with a short wrap up (4-6). After watching the six intense videos in this block, go visit the discussion forums to solve any doubts or simply share your comments on the topic of the lecture. You will find a summary of the content, as well as an illustrative case study on the revolutionary transformation of Seoul’s transport system in the 4th block reading. To conclude the block, test your knowledge in the quiz “What did I learn in Block 4?”, and answer Short Answer Assignment 4 to investigate how the concepts on urban transportation apply to your city.



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