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By the end of this guided project, you will be fluent in creating wireframe porotypes for Agile projects based on previous project phases. This will enable you to map the product features and add value to how the customer/user will experience the product or service. You will learn how to encapsulate the needs and wants of the customer persona in the product. This is essential for generating positive results for your business venture. Furthermore, this guided project is designed to engage and harness your visionary and exploratory abilities. You will use proven models in Agile Project Management with Miro to shape the development roadmap of products and services. We will practice critically how Epics, User Stories, Personas, and Customer journey phases become valuable input for creating functionality for products and services. Please see the guide for creating a free account with Miro in the Resources section....

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Muy bueno seria excelente si hicieran la traduccion de los subtitulos al español

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Nice topic, and funtional learning

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how to download the course certificate

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