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In this 1-hour long project-based course, you will be able to: - Understand the theory and intuition behind Autoencoders - Import Key libraries, dataset and visualize images - Perform image normalization, pre-processing, and add random noise to images - Build an Autoencoder using Keras with Tensorflow 2.0 as a backend - Compile and fit Autoencoder model to training data - Assess the performance of trained Autoencoder using various KPIs Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....




My Cloud access was denied after a certain time.. I had to do the coding all over again in my notebook. Rest was good.



Clear explanation of auto encoders. This guided project was just right to get a good understanding of the topic


Image Denoising Using AutoEncoders in Keras and Python : 26 - 42 / 42 レビュー

by 519 S



by varshitha g



by Andrew M


This is a decent course. It is a great way to quickly learn about autoencoding if you want to quickly learn about. I did not like the Rhyme platform they are using for the coding project because it stopped working half way. I had to download the Jupyter notebook and find a workaround on my own.

by Blaise R


Great project. Most Concepts explained nicely. I would have loved if the Instructor had included more of how to validate, or use cross validation for hyperparameters or explained the Layers in depth.

Otherwise a very good project and instructions. Thanks.

by Himanshu S


Just right for me at the moment I was doing it I just needed to do a light project in which I could gain some practical skills

by Aniket G


This project has helped me to build m basic well towards image processing and I would recommend this course to everyone

by sairam g


Expected something from this course

but i was dissatisfied

by Abhirami C S


good course for both beginners and freshers

by Alan P


great hands on project

by Arpit P


Best Explaination

by aithagoni m



by Jorge G


I do not recommend taking this type of course, take one and pass it, however after a few days I have tried to review the material, and my surprise is that it asks me to pay again to be able to review the material. Of course coursera gives me a small discount for having already paid it previously. It is very easy to download the videos and difficult to get hold of the material, but with ingenuity it is possible. Then I recommend uploading them to YouTube and keeping them private for when they want to consult (they avoid legal problems and can share with friends), then they can request a refund.

by Aditya K S


I faced a lot of problem in doing the course on the Rhyme platform.

It took very long to load and either the Cloud PC was not working or the video of the instructor.

Maybe it was due to low network bandwidth but still this was a major problem I faced, rest all was good.

by Sabina T


Good Project. Would like to see more projects using different kinds of Autoencoders.

by Swati S R


Everytime I do the course, I don't get any certificate. This is very bad. This time also I did not receive any certificate.

by Simon S R


Sadly turned out to be rather disappointing...

by Tomas W


Don't waste your time, it's not worth it, it just entering generic code with randomly chosen hyperparameters with no justification at all, it doesnt help you or your career in any way