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In this 1.5 hours guided project, you will quickly get up to speed with the fundamentals of PHP and build a functional, dynamic website at the end. No prior knowledge of PHP is required but basic to intermediate HTML is required as a prerequisite....

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by Deleted A


I​ assume the author did their best but I noticed a few things that are off:

-​ I understand that this course is not about HTML and CSS, but the layout is done with tables. I think that sets a bad example, teachers should strive to give an example by using best practices.

-​ The <footer></footer> is placed after the closing body tag. That is just wrong.

-​ The shorthand for opening php tags and echoing (<?= $someVar; ?>)is shown but never repeated. I wonder why you would learn something new but not reinforce it by using it.

-​ The ; is often missing from statements.