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By the end of this project, you will create a full web-site that is attractive and user friendly using a free content management system, WordPress. You will learn how to create a website utilizing themes and plug-ins using the web creation tool. You’ll have a virtual space to showcase your business with customers who want to stay connected. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....




This is a very good course. Short, simple buy extremely helpful. I thank the instructor and Coursera for this wonderful course. I recommend this course to my friends and colleagues immediately.



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Build a Full Website using WordPress: 26 - 50 / 752 レビュー

by Ricardo P


Needs to be updated to reflect new wordpress new user interface. Too much waisted time trying to match what's in the video to what's in wordpress

by Sanaan A


This course is not prove valuable for me. It does't provide even certain amount of knowledge of worldpress

by Vivek A


The course require an upgrade . The wordpress site has completely changed.

by Binayak S


Very bad guidance and no match with the Guided Work station.

by Haseeb A


It was too much basic [plus the waste of time

by Tejas


Not Happy

by John C D



by Hasmukh L



by Nishant S


I absolutely loved the course. I want to thank the instructor for explaining things in a very effective & simple manner. The course was designed in such a way that the students can understand each & every thing in a very simple manner. Highly recommend this course. Thank you team Coursera & kudos to their effort to make such amazing courses accessible to everyone at a cost next to nothing. Thanks.

by John P D


This course was delivered in the right way. I am currently for my wordpress to be launched but coming soon at approx 72 hours. This project is the pre-recquisite to complete some assignments, for example, in Data Management, create for portfolio in English, where they request submition of the answers in URL.


John Paco Dradria

by ridaa m


It is a greet project! Love your way to cover all the project in simple way and rich of information and details for anyone ,he never had any idea who to built a website from scratch . and i hope you will doing another project that how to build website not private and how upload it to live .

by Izmilia P


This course is very fundamentals for who interested in IT Industry, the learning meths is very interesting, so it may attracted many people who want to learn about web developing Please send me an email if there a free learning path for DevOps Engineer which is related with this course

by Rajat S


Its really good project course. The instructor guided through the course very well. Learning the wordpress functionality became really easy through this course. The Rhyme platform is very good. Overall Coursera Project Network is really good for learning courses with hands on project.

by Sheikh M N


This is something i was always searching for. I wanted to boost up my local handicraft business. Hence this project helped me learn how to create a website. I recommend everyone to try out this project/course who is in search of a guide for creating a website.

by Solomon O


I am glad to know about this course. The tutor knows her course and guided her students compassionately. now I can boast of knowing how to make a full WordPress website. Thumps up to Cousera for making the guided project available for free.

by Juan A P V


A good introduction to Wordpress, it et's you design your first (but, I think, professional) web page. Only practice, very easy guided project, what makes it cool, given that WP seems to be an easy but strong tool for web development.

by Mbanginu A


A​ll i can add is a word of thank you to the Teacher for her clear explanations and to Coursera for making it free for people like me to also benefit.

T​he course really help me learn a lot.

V​ery simple and clearly explained.

by Melizza C


The WordPress has been updated so there are some changes such as starting a new site especially when just joining WordPress. The widgets also can't be customized similar to the one in the lesson. Those are just a few.

by Mega R


The courses not only give us guidance to read but also guide us on how to build a website step by step through the video. Thanks coursera for provide us such a great course to improve our skills and knowledge!

by Ayşemüge G


For a 2-hour course, it delivers its promise. One can simply start with this course and build a full-website with existing tools on Wordpress before pursuing further development on web design and development.

by Marziya S


T​hough the course was a bit long for my liking,i enjoyed every single moment of doing this project.Now i have a good idea about the basics and can develop other websites on my own.



Very nice course, the instructor has fully explained how to set up a basic website from scratch. now I feel confident that I can set up a website for myself as well as my clients.

by Kang R K


It was an important decision point to determine the proper method and cost to make a homepage for my new business. After this class, I decided to make it by myself with less cost.

by Rada S S


Great course. Only thing is that Word Press has updated so not all the buttons are on the same place as in the course. Thank you for a big lesson, and for gaining one more skill!

by Vikki S


This was a very quick and effective way to get a hang of using a basic template site with a blog feature on WordPress. Great tips and exercises included, easy to follow along.