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In this 1-hour 30-mins long project-based course, you will learn the responsibilities of a Business Analyst such as Learn the basic concepts of data analysis and descriptive statistics. Learn how to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data in Google Sheets using functions, aggregation functions, and logical aggregation functions. and present data using different types of charts. This course works best for learners who wish to learn about Business Analysis and wish to learn about the role of a Business Analyst. Note: This project works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....




The course describes basic functions for SpreadSheets which are very useful and you can use them in your everyday life later. I would recommend this course, its very easy and understandable.



Very basic course on excel functions, charts and graphs, explained very well by the instructor. Rhyme tool used for cloud work space is lagging too much.


Introduction to Business Analysis Using Spreadsheets: Basics: 76 - 84 / 84 レビュー

by Ankit B


Explanation and course is good as mentioned, the issue in this guided project is that it is too easy for even for introduction to business analysis. You can watch any youtube video to just do this. Why would anyone like to do this project and put in their LinkedIn profile???

SUGGESTION: Try to make a project where to solve a bit bigger dataset and analyse it. Use a few more functions and elaborate on the data visualization part, explaining when to use which graph, how it is applied in real life? Doing so users will be more interested in the project and like to put in there profile.

Thanks for understanding!



need more tasks

by Dhanashree B



by Jeanie Y


I can't access in at all, once I left the online guide program for more than 10 minutes and try to login again. It just showed blank page. I cleaned the cache , history , used different Brower and even sending the java codes followed the suggestion from the help center. The help center just can't solve the issues at all. I spend 30 minutes to chat with help center but nothing done. Super Super upset and I don't even know should I try another guided project if I cant go back where I left. Also the instructor audio has a super noisy background. I even heard car honking sound in the audio.

by Jason M


A​nother terrible offering on Coursera. Do you guys even review these things?. While most of the content is good on Cousera, this is not one of them. I was hopeful to learn something with this project, but a free youtube video from a quick search was far superior. Please remove this junk so that no one else wastes their time. Honestly it makes me reconsider the platform altogether.

by Lindsay C


C​ould not even log in to start as the Rhyme system doesn't support the text paste function for my Google password which is 50 mixed characters long for safety. I don't know the password, hence needing to paste it from my password storage software. So I coulnd't even get going.

by SStyles


I have no idea what was said in the first video on this course.

by Rashmi


Was completely out of expectation

Expected more!

by cleto l


So difficult access the file.