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Welcome to "Containerization using Docker". In this guided project you will learn how to use Docker to create a customised image of your application using Dockerfiles, enable data persistence and will also learn various methods to share your Docker images. Also, the task-based approach that we follow in our guided project will get you a better understanding of basic commands in Docker that comes very handy while working on your real-life project. . Most importantly you will leave this course with more confidence that will get you to work in Docker platform more efficiently. If you have questions about course content, please post them in the forums to get help from others in the course community. For technical problems with the Coursera platform, visit the Learner Help Center. Good luck as you get started, and I hope you enjoy the course! Happy learning !!!!!...

Containerization Using Docker: 1 - 8 / 8 レビュー

by Loc N


Doesn't tie the concepts together as fluidly as I would have liked. However, still a great introduction to docker run and its related commands.

by Amadou M I


good docker project

by andrew a


Good course

by Amol C P



by Brad L


Less of a course and more of a YouTube-esque tutorial with the opportunity to mirror the instructor's actions on a VM. Even with the brevity of th course, there's not so much as a takeaway sheet to help apply the concepts outside the course. Further, the audio was pretty bad, especially in the first tutorial.

by Tejas K


The video playback is a little OK, whatever getting typed is blocked the video controls

by Bharath k R


​Very very introductory. Does not provide any reasoning behind the code being used. Its just rote see and follow.

by Dhruman G


Useless course. you can learn more from simple google search that this course.