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In this project learners will know how to create professional business cards with the windows version of Photoshop. Learners will also learn how to create their personalized QR Code, which we will add to our business card. In this project you will also learn how to create the layout for standard size business cards. We will walk through each step, review how to select fonts, identify which font sizes to use, and identify colors that work well with your professional personally created business card. We will also go over the process of creating your personalized QR code, which we will place on our business card. Learning how to create your own business card with your QR code will allow you to create your own personal look, and the QR code will allow others to scan your card to electronically receive your contact information. Using Photoshop to create business cards is a great, flexible program for beginners to advanced users....

Create Business Cards with a QR Code in Photoshop: 1 - 1 / 1 レビュー

by Samantha B


the project was very easy to understand there is however a missing lower horizontal guide line number that wasnt provided in the video but later on the line it self turned up on the instructors screen when putting the phone number in hopefully that gets fixed.