Build Data Analysis and Transformation Skills in R using DPLYR

このGuided Projectでは、次のことを行います。
Clock2 hours
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Congratulations you've made it to Part 2 of the DPLYR series! In a moment you will be taken to Rhyme where a Virtual Machine with R, R Studio and DPLYR awaits. Once there you will begin the Project where you will be introduced to the Rhyme Interface and subsequently learn how to use the DPLYR verbs in a more advanced way by building on the foundation learned in the previous course. Come in, get experience using R and learn new ways to use the dplyr functions. By the end of this course, you will be able to: To practice the basic dplyr functions and how they are used To learn advanced features of the dplyr verb 'mutate' To implement the verb mutate over a data set in place of a 'for loop' To continue thinking in dplyr verb phrases (ex. filter, aggregate, and transform data)


Computer ProgrammingData AnalysisMachine Learning



  1. Introduction to the data set and the topics to be discussed

  2. Review basic applications of the 'Mutate' function

  3. Practice creating new variables

  4. Learn how to use the function mutate_all to clean data in a single step

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