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By the end of this project, you will have curated a library of Nearpod lessons and you will have learned how to make every lesson interactive with the many features of Nearpod. With Nearpod, you can add quiz and game features to learning videos. You can launch lessons live or allow students to work at their own pace. With the data you collect, you can identify areas where students need more practice and adjust your teaching to meet those needs. Whether you are teaching onine or in the classroom, Nearpod is a learning platform that will enhance any learning experience. *You will need a free Nearpod account for this project. Also you will need a free Google account for this project....



Enhance Student Learning with Interactive Lessons in Nearpod: 1 - 7 / 7 レビュー

by Puji T


It has been great to have this course. The speaker explains well and sounds friendly. The workspace given is a wonderful experience for me, so I could practice the skills right away. Thank you.

by Hsiaoyun C


The course gives a very explicit explanation and demonstration on how to design more interactive and engaging lessons in Nearpod.

by Nancy C M M


This is an amazing way to learn how to do interactive lessons. It was very useful for me. Thanks.

by Daniele C


Excellent! Well-explained, well-paced, and obviously very well thought out. Thank You.

by Farhana A


v​ery quick and short and easy to learn.

by Mohammed m r y


مختصرة وهادفة

by Mahrous M M