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This course is designed to give you the fundamentals of Project Management. You will learn the basic principles of Project Management by managing a fundraising event for your local farmers market. You will designate responsible team members to help you, build a timeline and see the different ways that you can manage the project. Together, we will walk through not only the documentation, but also the theories and reasoning behind each task. You will learn how to look at a large project and break it down into manageable pieces and then how to build an action plan so that you hit your deadlines with your team. By the end of the course, you will have created a Project Scope document, Stakeholder Responsibility Matrix, sequenced a task list, added task owners, and a explored several popular project views using Project Management software. You will be ready to tackle a project on your own or will be equipped to take a higher-level course in Project Management. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....



It is a wonderful course though the training time was short, I wish there is a system that is available for someone to go back to or study whenever you wish to. (a study book) for reference purposes.


Overall everything is good and have great experience about online project. I am very thankful to learning platform where I am learning new skills and enhance of existing skills.


Introduction to Project Management: 1 - 25 / 368 レビュー

by Matt J


Very limited explanation of the theory behind the work done in the video. No definition of PM-specific terminology.

The course material that was made available to download did not download correctly through the virtual desktop.

There are people with questions in the discussion form and none of the moderators have replied. It seems like it has been abandoned.

by Animish A


It's not a project. They will tell how to use different tools without any deliverables



The Coursera provided course introduction to project management course was helped me to learn about project management and project planning.

by Neel P


To me, this course was a concise and to the point explanation of Project Scope Statement & RACI Chart. I loved doing the hands-on and got an opportunity to think about the task that I was expected to perform and got the flexibility to perform it the way I wanted it to be [as long as the concepts were applied rightly].

by Sharon J S


This was an excellent course for a beginner like me and the introduction to the Asana software was wonderfully enlightening to the availability of simple to use project managing tools that are available for use!

by MD S


Overall everything is good and have great experience about online project. I am very thankful to learning platform where I am learning new skills and enhance of existing skills.

by Vishal S K


It is very good course for working professionals

by Lucas M O


Rather superficial

by Nathanial H


This is a great course for somebody unfamiliar with project management software and how to use it to help make the process easier for everyone to visualize and understand.

by Emmanuel H S


Easy to use, simple, straight forward, no extra jargon to make it difficult to understand. Overall a very good beginner course for basic project management.

by Md N M


This course is completely focused on practically planning a project instead of just theories .That is why i loved this course

by Keletso M


Straight to the point, concepts clearly explained. For a beginner though, it was too short. It is practical, do yourself the favor of actually doing the work yourself before proceeding to the next stage and there will be plenty to learn.

by Tiffany W


Really great that this is a hands off course. It would be better if it was more relatable to my field and if it shows you how to do the project management piece in Excel.

by Cynthia B


I felt that the course went a little fast. I didn't have the Rhyme product set up on my computer. I didn't know that I needed it set up on my computer

by Kunal


More practical projets needs to be added in the exisiting course. Overall course is awesome.

by Flavio R


Very interesting. For beginners. It is probably too short.

by aditi p


Amazing I like how the slip screen works, a perfect course for a guided project.

It's very important to have hands-on experience, soo glad to share that I have completed the guided project on Coursera on " Introduction to Project Management "with Instructor and Project Manager Meghan Peck. This is a great course for somebody unfamiliar with any of the Project Management Software and how to use it. Hoping that I will utilize this knowledgeThings I learned during the project :1. How to create an essential project management tool like Scope Statements and RACI Charts.2. How you can remotely work with a large number of people.3. How to look at a large-scale project and how can you break it down into manageable pieces.4. How it will be easy for everyone to visualize and understand what stage are we to complete the project.5. How to designate work to each team member.6. How to build an action plan so that you hit your deadlines with your team.

by Carey D M Y S


Kudos to Coursera on their new approach to online courses through their Guided Projects. I loved the approach to learning through the platform Rhyme - where I learnt by DOING. The course is completely hands-on and easy to follow. I was already exposed to the Asana, however, I am glad to have learnt a few new things about project scope and assigning projects.

by Amy P N


Really great into course to project management, giving a short overview of the needed skills and considerations and an introduction to some management tools. If you're new to project management its definitely worth it. However, if you have a working knowledge it probably won't teach you anything new.

by Durga P M


The course content is simple to understand and very well structured. It is really exciting to have a hands on experience with Rhyme and I also like the short length of this course which keeps the energy till the end.

Many thanks to Megan Peck.

Warm Regards,

Durga Prasad.

by Arpita M


Not as aspected

by Jeannie R


I liked the course a lot. It's could useful in thinking, organizing, and planning so many things. The problem I had while working on my laptop was I couldn't figure out how to submit my plan and go onto the RACI section so I just took the test without finishing the course. I still can't seem to get back to where I left off.

by Topher N


This is a concise, helpful course if you want to understand the basics of Project Management. I took a longer, more complex course which left me bamboozled as to how to actually put the basic project into action. This course keeps it simple and is very practical.

by Laiba K


I wanted to explore the foundational skills which are needed in project management. This guided project was just right for me to get an overview of project management. I would highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn how to manage skills.

by olivia a


The course is precise and to the point. It has the basics and just the right information to get started as a Project Manager. I enjoyed the course and looking forward to learning many more courses and build on the already acquired knowledge.