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In this 2-hour long project-based course, you will understand how to use SQL joins like INNER JOIN, LEFT JOIN, and RIGHT JOIN to get a desired result set. In addition, you will learn how to use SQL Joins with the WHERE clause and with aggregate functions. By extension, you will learn how to join more than two tables in the database. Note: You do not need to be a data administrator or data analyst expert to be successful in this guided project, just you have to be familiar with querying databases using SQL SELECT statement to get the most of this project. If you are not familiar with SQL and want to learn the basics, start with my previous guided projects titled “Performing Data definition and Manipulation in SQL", “Querying Databases using SQL SELECT statement” and “Performing Data Aggregation using SQL Aggregate Functions”...

Mastering SQL Joins: 1 - 14 / 14 レビュー

by Mrigendra P S


best site for learning and improve your skills

by Luis l L L


You can aply what you learn in many cases

by Sagnik B


Thanks for this wonderful course

by Dimitra M


Very useful course!!

by Vishal K S


very good

by Darren K


I think this was a helpful GP. There were some parts that I think the instructor could've explained a concept better with a lecture slide or visual aid. In general I learned/practiced what I intended to learn from this guided project.

by Pratik K


Nicely explained how to use Joins in SQL

by Arjun S


good one!

by Gurram G K



by Shilpa .



by Atif A


It's not advance level course. You can rate it medium but its really not advance. Apart from that the questions in quiz are not so good. Another issue is the statements of some questions are also confusing.

by Daniel B


The content is not bad but the language barrier makes it hard to follow.

by Cristina L F


El questionario tiene preguntas sobre las que no se incide , o errores que pretenden el fallo ( con errores sintacticos en el nombre de las tablas) que ayudan bastante poco al alumno. La plataforma es inviable se seleccionan filas de manera involuntaria. El igual y el punto y coma no corresponden en el teclado.

8 Euros mal gastados

by Romanov V


Pronunciation of the instructor is bad as a sound of the course. Basics of how joins are working weren't explained.