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In this 1 hr 40 mins long project-based course, you will learn about the process of developing a new product for start-up companies, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). You will learn about idea generation and the evaluation processes in product development by using an idea generation model and online resources like Google Trends and Amazon. You will use methods to evaluate your product concept through market segmentation, growth potential, and the competition to your product. You will also evaluate a supplier and the cost to your product by analyzing component prices and production rates. By the end of this project, you will be able to create a full retrospective plan for the product launch and understand how and why the specifications are done. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....




For converting voice of customer into product specification SCAMMPER techniques are very useful thanks for the insightful learning



One of the best course with coursera

Thanks for sharing this course with us.!


New Product Development For Small Businesses and Start-Ups: 26 - 38 / 38 レビュー

by Vitali N


Very informative, but at the beginning I spent a lot of time to understand what is where, there were many files with same names on the desktop, and once I found the one which looked the most same I found out that I can not edit it, because I had to login by my google account in this box. it is not good. I then found out that there is possibility to save excel files and from that moment I could start

by Exuperto C


It's a great intro for SMEs and start-ups for those who never have had prior experience in new product dev and production. The use of and amazon as references are very good tips.

by Vimalaan N


The course is a good foundation for those wanting to learn the general steps for product development.

by Suzanne H


It was very informative. Will be able to use the principles provided.

by Shreyash M


Must know concepts for new product development

by Chatchai C


I found some problems downloading the files.

by Jihan A A A



by Eriza J R


This is easy to follow if you have prior knowledge of product development or has a background in business. This guided project could be improved if the proper explanation of methodology was presented especially for beginners. Supportive research might be needed to give clarity on certain parts of the lesson. Overall, it is a good and interactive class.

by Hermann L


Easy methodology (almost a recipe). But the course lacks of supportive materials about the theory and foundations of new product development.

by Naomi G


If you have hearing loss, it is difficult to understand and the captions don't really help at all. Otherwise, the concepts are good.

by Martijn P


Very hands-on course, but only focussed on B2C, not B2B. Also, course material is not very professional.

by Maria Z


This was freaking HIDEOUS!!! A complete waste of money and time!!! And surprise certificate...!

by Mark C Z L


It doesn't work on my laptop