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In this hands-on project, we will train a Naive Bayes classifier to predict sentiment from thousands of Twitter tweets. This project could be practically used by any company with social media presence to automatically predict customer's sentiment (i.e.: whether their customers are happy or not). The process could be done automatically without having humans manually review thousands of tweets and customer reviews. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....



This was amazing. I started to worried, because I think that train an ML is too complicated but this guided project show me that this is something that anyone need to learn. Thanks a lot!


Overall nicely guided small project. The tutor explained it very well. Please make more such short courses. More concepts from Basic NLP can be covered.


NLP: Twitter Sentiment Analysis: 51 - 62 / 62 レビュー

by Chuanfeng


Able to follow the lectures and learn about the basics of data processing for text mining. Expect more in-depth knowledge about sentiment analysis.

by Smita A


Will appreciate more if it can be in more depth but good to start with this.

by Schuyler A


Great course. The cloud environment didn't match the instructor's at times.

by ali m


It was quite basic but every detail was covered

by Nandyala J K



by Aniruddh M



by V K M V D


This course suits the people who are completely new to the field since it familiarizes us with basic keywords and touches the applications in a brief manner. For intermediate-level coders , this is just right. The tutor did a good job but could be a little detailed at times.Overall , if you want to know basically how NLP,ML-Classification works in a brief , simple, summary-kind-of manner , you can opt for this course

by Sayak P


Expected more detailed approach and more theoretical aspects.

by Sumit M


Average for Beginners

by Samriddh S


I really dont like rhyme, it is too laggy, small split screen and very tedious to work with. The instructor was no doubt awesome at what he was trying to teach however I reduced the points because of the uncomfortable nature of rhyme. Instead the dataset source link could be provided and the students can code in their local machine and watch videos along the way. Assessment can be done in a separate notebook as well as a difficult quiz can be taken.

by Wes W


Constant error messages on my side. Then the cloud space won't load etc etc. Although a great instructor, not much benefit to me just listening along.

by Richard O C


The video content and cloud resources are very good, however I managed to access the cloud workspace and work on this project for a grand total of about 15 minutes before leaving my workstation for slightly longer than 10 minutes and then being locked out of the cloud workspace and the dashboard marking the guided part as complete despite only completing 3 of the 11 tutorials.

I reported the problem twice and left it for a few days and still cannot access the cloud workspace. All in all a bit of a waste of time paying for something that I cannot use. The video tutorials are handy, although cannot follow along using the cloud environment.