Validating Your Strategy with Market Opportunity Navigator

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Explain the three building blocks of the Market Opportunity Navigator

Conduct analysis of each of the blocks with worksheets, to determine to most viable markets

Use the information on the analysis conducted to set your strategy on the market to explore, and those to keep for growth and backup options

Clock2 Hours
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By the end of this guided project, you will able to design and analyze the three important steps that are necessary for assessing your innovation’s market opportunities. You will know how the market opportunity navigator answers one of the most difficult questions any aspiring entrepreneur or innovator must ask: “which target market should I serve”? We will use the spreadsheet to sketch the market opportunity navigator, and conduct the analysis by working through the three worksheets. You will learn how to strike the delicate balance between focusing on a primary market and keeping selected options open for backup or growth. Then you will use the model to innovate as you determine how to harness the most attractive market. We will work you through each of the process of the navigator with our startup venture as that would enable is to practically demonstrate its application. This project is for entrepreneurs and innovators who want to understand how determine the right market for their innovation. By the end of the project, you will be able to design and analyze the market opportunity navigator, and also understood why it is a strategic tool for planning, reflecting, and adjusting.


  • Innovation
  • strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership Strategy



  1. Explain what the market opportunity navigator

  2. Analyze your market opportunities with a worksheet 1

  3. Continue your analysis using worksheet 1

  4. Conclude your analysis using worksheet 1

  5. Analyze the attractiveness of your markets with worksheet 2

  6. Conclude your market analysis with worksheet 2

  7. Create you agile focused strategy with worksheet 3

  8. Conclude creating you agile focused strategy with worksheet 3