Web Application Security Testing with Burp Suite

このGuided Projectでは、次のことを行います。

Setup Burp Suite proxy

Intercept, modify and forward HTTP requests

Brute force login page with a dictionary list and exploit file upload and SQL injection vulnerabilities

Clock1.5 hours
Comment Dots英語

By the end of this project, you will learn the fundamentals of how to use Burp Suite Community Edition. This tool helps security professionals and penetration testers assess web application vulnerabilities. This course includes steps on how to configure the proxy between the browser and web application to intercept, view, alter, and forward HTTP requests and responses, and then analyze the results of your modifications. This course will also explain how to use a dictionary list to brute force logins, and how to exploit file upload and SQL injection vulnerabilities.


Burp SuiteCybersecuritySql InjectionPenetration Test



  1. Explain Burp Suite and its purpose in web application security.

  2. Configure FoxyProxy and Firefox browser to use Burp as a proxy.

  3. Intercept HTTP requests from a browser and send them to the Burp Suite Repeater.

  4. Analyze HTTP requests, sniff credentials, and alter the request with Burp Suite Intercept.

  5. Use dictionary attacks on website login pages to discover credentials with Burp Suite Intruder.

  6. Learn how to exploit File Upload and SQL Injection vulnerabilities with Burp Suite.

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