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This is the second course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills needed to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. You’ll build on your understanding of the topics that were introduced in the first Google Data Analytics Certificate course. The material will help you learn how to ask effective questions to make data-driven decisions, while connecting with stakeholders’ needs. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Learn about effective questioning techniques that can help guide analysis. - Gain an understanding of data-driven decision-making and how data analysts present findings. - Explore a variety of real-world business scenarios to support an understanding of questioning and decision-making. - Discover how and why spreadsheets are an important tool for data analysts. - Examine the key ideas associated with structured thinking and how they can help analysts better understand problems and develop solutions. - Learn strategies for managing the expectations of stakeholders while establishing clear communication with a data analytics team to achieve business objectives....




i love the course as it helped me understand the importance of asking the right questions, understanding the problem and expectations of stakeholders and impotance and the right way of communicatilon.



The Skill of asking the right questions is usually very underrated and many people just overlook it. That's why I'm appreciative of google for teaching this core skill and making it super interesting.


Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions: 251 - 275 / 2,534 レビュー

by Jonathan G S


I highly appreciate this course it gave me the insight of what it takes to be a Data Analyst, using Data Analytic inline with Data Analysis, education is a on going process for me, thanks for the new skills.



Amazing, beautifully designed course it is. It helped me prepare for the first step i.e ASK of data analysis life cycle. Now I am confident enough to ask right questions and communicate with others clearly.

by 莊宗頴


Ask Questions is an important and practical skill you may not learn until you go to work.

I'm glad to learn relating knowledge from this course. It is not only useful in Data Analytics but also in teamwork!



It was a great experience. Content of the course was very nicely structured. Teaching style was also nice. I would definately recommend this course to all those who want to make a career in data analytics

by Fernando S S


Excellent course! You develop new ways of thinking naturally. I am truly impressed with how much I have developed so far into the course. I am really excited and motivated to carry on to the next courses!

by Parvaneh K Z F


I​ enjoyed each and every step of learning in this course. Ximena is a great instructor, and I didn't have any problem following her instruction.

T​hank you Ximena!

T​hank you Coursera!

h​ank you Google!

by Bryan M


It was a good course, I didnt know anything related to data analysis, and since I started these courses I've been able build up my skills, mind you I've haven't put it into practice in reality yet.

by Isha D


it's excellent also the mentor explains what data-driven decision-making is easily anyone can understand this course. I learn many new things about how to behave in meeting what is a stakeholder

by Raul Z Z


This is was a great course on asking the right questions for a project to run smoothly. It also gives good advice on resolving conflicts and organizing meetings with teammates and stakeholders.

by Sonali D


A​bsolutely the best course for data analytics. and coursera is the best platform for this course. i will recommend those who wants to learn about data analytics, please go ahead with Coursera.

by Zefeng C


Doesn't involve too much technical details. But I have a feeling that I will review a lot of these contents in the future when I really get into work. Ximena had been done the course so great.

by Sonya D


Very efficient, I'm really liking all the info that is being provided and it allows a hands on approach to help you retain so much info. The instructor is great, very upbeat and knowledgeable.

by Cristian H


M​uy buen curso, muy practico y efectivo para el trabajo en equipo, analisis de problemas, lograr una comunicacion efectiva con toda la organizacion y para comenzar en el camino de los datos.

by Christine P


Great course as we move into the second part of 8. It began to make more sense and I felt that I already gained valuable skills I could immediately incorporate independently or within my job.

by Nwachukwu O


This is a brilliant course! It is easy to follow and contains case studies that will help the student understand the role and the skills needed to be an excellent data analytic professional,



I really love the final exam. It's so REAL and just like I'm in the interview. I really wish I can stand there one day and show what I have learn from here and have a chance to join in FAANG

by Johnson O


Really enjoyed the course really interactive,I enjoyed the quizzes and and the course content quite different to what I have done in the past but I am determined to complete all the modules.

by Juan C J T


Excelente curso, me brindó la información necesaria para realizar preguntas inteligentes, identificar el problema, conocer a los Stakeholders, y a manejar de forma correcta los spreadsheets.

by muhammad z


Very good course for understanding how to approach the data analytics tasks and how to hadle it. I really enjoyed this course and will comeback from time to time in my work to get guidance.

by Mohamed A


Relaly amazing course , It start from just the normal meaning of the question to everything that follows the word from meaning in Data Analysis process

Thank you Google , Thank you Ximena .

by Lalit K


Its great course. Good instructor. quite helpful to pave the way from data cleaning, understanding stakeholders, conflict resultion and use the opportunity to collaborate among stakeholders

by Ishaan P


Very thankful for the opportunity and extremely satisfied with course content and presentation. I have learnt a lot about data analytics in just 2 courses and am determined to move forward.

by Oluwatobiloba A


It is really clear and what i like the most is how every step is explained in line with what to be encountered in a real-life scenarios. it makes it more easier to grasp and follow through.

by Bassam E


It is very good and useful for me and for who are beginner and the content of the course is good and appropriate and the teacher is awesome and very smart. and i hop to get a job at Google.

by Rashmi S


This course is very useful and very comfortable to take as its online, tutors are very good .

Each week is being memorized by giving tests . step by step teaching each topic is excellent.